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eilatan5445 commented in Tune Into You 23 hours 11 min ago
"Ha ha my thoughts exactly! "
katielee23 commented in Chakra Three Flow 1 day 1 hour ago
"Thank you, again, Fiji, I always learn something from your classes. My 3rd chakra feels soooo energized now (at this important intention setting time of the new moon). Which I realise I desperately needed. Definitely challenging intermediate....I'll reach proper titivasana in time with practice, I know. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. :-) Namaste.x "
leocarsoli commented in Yoga for Kids 3 to 8 1 day 5 hours ago
"We share an special moment, the best class to start with your son "
Jentoujours commented in Koundinyasana Fun II 1 day 5 hours ago
"Great arm balances, hip stretches and splits practice. And I like the repetition at the start of each sequence. Even a nice long savasana at the end. Om! "
rozuMashka commented in Vishvamichrasana Holydeepasana 1 day 7 hours ago
"Christa has become one of my favorite instructors on this webite. Her classes are really creative. And this class has become my favorite too. Thanks a lot! "
nadomom commented in Twisty Twists 1 day 8 hours ago
"Crista has a way to make yoga class fun and challenging. Love the moves and twists. I'm ready to face the day. Thank you. "
"I actually find Ashtanga done more slowly to be more intense and to generate and even greater heat. Alignment is the key actually. This teacher really does have an awesome energy. I would love to see more class with even intensives/focused asana work like classes on backbending, hip openers, twists, inversions. I love the Ashtanga pratice. Will there be any more? Namaste from Ireland. "
"Dave, I have been struggling with a locked up lower back for a couple of years. I did your yoga sequence yesterday, and woke up today UNLOCKED for the first time in a long time. Thank you, and keep these coming! "
Shira Salingre commented in Morning Wake-Up and Flow! 1 day 16 hours ago
"Since I discovered this gem I started doing it a few times a week, in days I feel like I need a wee shot of energy and focus. I never liked vinyasa yoga before, when I tried it in classes, but this practice had opened this door for me and I continued to Fiji's beginners vinyasa class which was very challenging but great. Thank you! Namaste. "
Cali27ryan commented in Hatha Yoga for Beginners: A Healthy Spine 1 day 17 hours ago
"I feel completely different to at the start and at the end. I feel more algned and my spine does feel lengthened. The only issue is how shocking my balance is - I felt my ankles working to help me stay up. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the balanced feelings in my body and in my mind. Thank you! :) "
"Thank you for another great class, you really are amazing. "
David Procyshyn commented in Yoga for Absolute Beginners: Virasana 2 days 7 hours ago
"Hi there. Yes, you can absolutely keep trying, with the understanding that it's best to find out for yourself what you can do to make your posture and alignment feel good. It's difficult for me to give specific advice without seeing you in person, but what I can say is that you can attempt to adapt the poses to your body using the props. For example, if you find it hard to reach your arms back or up without arching your back, use the strap in a way that allows you to reach back a bit less and maintain the length in your lower back. Let me know if you have any more questions. Take care. "
David Procyshyn commented in Ashtanga Yoga: Fundamental Asanas 2 days 8 hours ago
"Hi there. Glad you're enjoying Jeff's ashtanga classes. Yes, we do plan to film with him more but nothing has been scheduled yet. "
pvetsen commented in Pranayama and Meditation to Heal the Chakras 2 days 8 hours ago
"Wow. Thank you. "
KBQ commented in Fire and Focus 2 days 11 hours ago
"This is a wonderful class, and after a whole hour's immersion in it my mind and body feel lighter and more fluid. It's amazing how balance changes from side to side and day to day, so my half moons definitely couldn't take the bind today, but I'm noticing I'm more "ok" with that than I might have been in the past, and I feel good that my mind was getting there! Thanks so much for the incredible guidence and encouragement Fiji! "
sunonred commented in Wake Up! 2 days 11 hours ago
"This combined with a 5 minute meditation beforehand is how I begin my day...every single day! So before things gets hectic, I've put in 15 minutes for myself. It's to the point where I crave this time. This 10 minute flow is awesome!! It's heart opening, energizing, stretching and strength igniting. I appreciate you Cristi so much! I send daily gratitude to you for this perfect, brief synthasized flow! "
Lcroley1 commented in Morning Wake-Up and Flow! 2 days 14 hours ago
"Thank you Fiji for another wonderful flow! I am LOVING your classes and getting back into Yoga again after a very long time away. I found it very difficult to start again, but now that I have discovered doyogawithme I am getting back into a routine and feeling so much better! You have such a wonderful way of teaching yoga!!! Thank you so much! Sending Love and light to you!!! "
katie_simpson commented in Hanuman Fun 2 days 18 hours ago
"Such a beautiful practice I felt it in every part of my body, amazing One of my favourites ... Thank you so much Christina "
"That is why you call it practice. You will in time be able to stop your mind from wondering. Even the most experienced in meditation will still have a wondering mind. The long pauses are a good lesson in being kind to yourself and know that it is ok if your mind wonders. Just come back to your center. Keep practicing. It has improved my life for years. And remember be kind to your self. Our minds are a powerful thing. You will get it and when you do you will find that peace. it does not happen over night. Namaste and be well! "
dchamorro99 commented in Yoga for Absolute Beginners: Virasana 3 days 6 hours ago
"Hi David, thank you for these classes, its my first time with yoga and I've been really enjoying it. When I tried this, after I put both my hands in my back, my lower back started to bend forward, is this normal? I kept pushing it back to make my spine more straight but it hurt when I did. I also couldn't connect my hands when my right one was up, is this a problem? I have bad posture and a low degree of kyphosis, should I keep trying? Thanks! "

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