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wonderwomanaz commented in Yoga for Divas 6 hours 22 min ago
"Wonderful class! You are a fantastic teacher. Thank you. "
Starfishcove commented in Power Yoga for Shoulder Stability 6 hours 56 min ago
"This is such a good class - it’s not just about shoulders, not just about strength; it provides some really effective stretches I’ve never seen before, and includes a lot of leg and core work. It’s a well balanced practice that strengthens and stretches the whole body. "
HanneVisser commented in Yin Yoga for an Open Heart 7 hours 14 min ago
"This was beau-ti-ful. Thank you so much <3 "
KGP commented in 14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day One 7 hours 50 min ago
"SUCH a great class, not just physically but psychologically- about letting go, making space for the new. Thank you Fiji! "
"Thanks Rachel. Your metaphors and instructions continue to help me as I move more into an intermediate level. Loving this challenge. "
Vanessa.shannon... commented in 14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day One 9 hours 40 min ago
"This class was great! Slow enough to give time to learn those new poses and transitions (and also build strength... and a little sweat!), but blended into such a nice flow. It’s exactly the level i was looking for to challenge me into some harder intermediate stuff without going too fast and getting injured. I’m really looking forward to these two weeks! :-) "
vanessa.mayneri... commented in Ashtanga Yoga: Fundamental Asanas 9 hours 43 min ago
"some poses are so hard! really pushed my limit. thanks "
Littlebearfarm commented in Beginner Basics in Flow 10 hours 14 min ago
"Although I’ve been doing a tough flow practice for years, the detailed instructions are incredibly helpful. Holding the poses for so long, however, is a real challenge. This class was easier this second time in the program. Thanks. "
smenard commented in Release Back Tension 10 hours 24 min ago
"Thank you so much for this class! I find your voice a lovely and soothing complement to the relaxation of the poses. Also, the visualization of breathing up and down the spine is calming and opening to the body. "
LindsayC608 commented in Begin at the Beginning 11 hours 6 min ago
"I was saving this class for a morning when I needed it, and I'm so glad I did. Thank you for a clear and invigorating flow! It was a blessing. "
ksank commented in Guided Meditations for Kids 11 hours 30 min ago
"There is a kid in everyone. This meditation is refreshing even for an adult like me. - it will invoke vivid childhood memories (real or imaginary) "
Georges commented in Kundalini Yoga for the Heart Chakra 12 hours 4 min ago
"Thank you so munch. I enjoyed your classes and really like the way you teach. "
emfries79 commented in Power and Precision 13 hours 1 min ago
"It took 19 days but just completed the 14 day challenge with this little nugget. I'm still not able to complete all of the poses but the progress with every class frankly amazes me. I'm almost there! And "there" is a place I wouldn't have believed a month ago. This challenging hour flew by because I was so focused. Thank you DYWM. I feel stronger at 38 than I did at 28, maybe even 18! Can't wait to start this 14 day challenge over again tomorrow. "
HappyCamper commented in Elevate Day 1 13 hours 5 min ago
"Fiji, I have been doing your free classes for several years and decided to subscribe now as I believe this service is excellent and deserves my support. You are an excellent teacher. i love your challenges. I can't do everything but I know how to modify poses and you give very detailed instructions as well. Thank you for enriching my practice! "
andrayantelo commented in The Elements Day 3 13 hours 26 min ago
Sandra T commented in Natarajasana: Dance of the Divine 14 hours 49 min ago
"Thank you. Shivani's intructions are so detailed, I was able to achieve good aliment and not forget to use core strength. An excellent class. "
BethPaull commented in Yoga for Cultivating Pleasure 15 hours 29 min ago
"Really enjoyed this yoga session. I like the pace and mood of this session. Thank you. "
"So good! All seated. Felt my legs go from tight hoofy shetland legs, to the long, loose and strong legs of a thoroughbred. Perfect after lots of walking. Heaven xx "
Caroline Egypt commented in Sacred Expansion 16 hours 55 min ago
"I loved it! Thank you Ron :) Namaste "
scoobydooo commented in Basics and Beyond : Day 2 17 hours 49 min ago
"Thank you for these classes. I really love your teaching style and the pace of the class is perfect for beginners. Love from Wales on a beautiful sunny morning. X "

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