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"One of my new favorites on the site! This was a gorgeous practice and exactly the reminder I need to nourish my self and send love out to others. The transitions were seamless, and other than the introduction, I forgot I was watching a class that was recorded livestream. "
"I think that was my favorite Tracey class! Well done and very heart felt, maybe it was the gratitude of finally getting the class out to the world. "
"Wonderful class, thank you Tracey. Really helped me to move my focus away from all the busy thoughts swirling around my mind. This class helped me to feel calmer, but also that I had given my body a decent work out. "
"Thank you, Tracey!!! Wonderful class and great cues.....thank you for sharing your light and inspiration.....namaste... "
"A beautiful, strong practice with concise and precise guidance. Perfect! Thank you! "
"Thank you so much Tracey. I really enjoyed this class. I'm catching up a day late here in London, but I love the immmediacy of the live stream. "
"Thank you for guiding and sharing today, Tracey, I needed this, "
"Thank you and always happy to challenge so we can all grow together! "
"A beautiful dedication, and thank you for sharing it. I also felt the loss of the beautiful bright Ruth Bader Ginsburg, may she rest in power after protecting rights for all. Our intuition, originality, wisdom and resourcefulness will carry us together! Shine your light and spread your peace and happy we shared our practice together today. Namaste "
Ronko commented in Yoga for Lifelong Strength 1 day 9 hours ago
"I love guy frizwel’s classes. He gives excellent cues, and has a wonderful way of encouraging. And I also love how he draws out the word, SHAAAA-VAAH-SAA- naaa. "
"It is always such a pleasure to practice with you Tracey... my go to Vancouver yogini teacher! Love your sequencing and nourishment for the entire body. The heart hug was perfect for today. I dedicated my practice to strong women, past and present. My mother would have been 101 years old and the US has lost the bright light of RBG. Your words of connecting intuition, originality, wisdom and resourcefulness into the practice and to be mindful of of it going forward is so valuable. I am grateful. "
cboshelle commented in Supported Yin 1 day 10 hours ago
"Beautiful practice that creates more awareness in feeling in the body and mind. Thank you, Satya! Please do more of these! "
cboshelle commented in Supported Yin 1 day 10 hours ago
"Beautiful practice that creates more awareness in feeling in the body and mind. Thank you, Satya! Please do more of these! "
"I love your soul Tracey!! This was a beautiful practice! Thank you for continually challenging me to grow! I wish you peace and a beautiful Autumn! From Lake Zurich , IL. "
"Hi Rebecca, Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! You didn't miss it - The livestream is live at this moment. Hope you can make it! "
cleyreloup@iclo... commented in Seize the Moment 1 day 15 hours ago
"ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I felt the sense of this through my entire body, instead of copying a pose, this was so mindful and awakening every aspect of the self. I have just joined and done a few of Traceys classes and they are all sensational, but this one for me, is the ultimate gold star award class! Thank you for liberating parts of me I never knew existed! "
thekchog palma commented in Pilates Level 2, Class 4 1 day 16 hours ago
"Hi Kathi, great class and most of this I found quite doable but the jack knife was totally beyond me. You commented that we could do the "rollover prep" if we weren't comfortable with inversions, but could you say more about what that is? I like doing inversions but am not even close on this one! Perhaps another alternative intermediate move would help, and/or a more detailed suggestion about how to progress to the more challenging inversions. And yes, agree with some others below about the sand/hair/rocks/sun comments - we want you to be comfortable and enjoying the class instruction, and it seems like you are uncomfortable at many moments in the class. "
ninadives commented in Yoga for Digestion: Full Class 1 day 18 hours ago
"this remains one of my favorite classes. i would love to see more classes incorporate pranayama practices into the flow of a class. feels more complete this way. "
mudra commented in Hatha Yoga for Self Care II 2 days 7 hours ago

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