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mntmadre commented in Forearm Balance: Workshop 14 hours 19 min ago
"I needed this practice. I found it so very helpful. Thank you for the insight and encouragement. "
cbelchior commented in Back to the Mat 17 hours 59 min ago
"I stopped my practice a year ago. I was finding the courage to get back to the mat and this nailed it. I spent 5 days doing the class and now I feel ready to progress. Tks Fiji! "
pcole44 commented in Restorative Yoga for the Hips 19 hours 37 min ago
"I have been doing yoga for years but have never experienced yoga like Satiya's. Brilliantly executed, outstanding intuitive instructions, and the peace of inner being. Bravo. "
Christina_T commented in Strengthen Your Core and Back 20 hours 17 sec ago
"Beautiful class. Loved the pace. "
ellenriccardi commented in Morning Slow Hatha Yoga Flow 23 hours 33 min ago
"This is a fantastic video. Not too long and very easy to follow. Gives you a nice boost of energy to start the day! "
lori onion commented in Chakra Flow 1 day 2 hours ago
"relaxing and feels like you get a good yoga stretch and strengthen. Thanks Fiji!! "
LucyHB commented in Koundinyasana Fun II 1 day 3 hours ago
"I'd been meaning to do this class for a while and finally got round to it as part of the 14 Day Advanced Challenge - wonderful stuff! I actually did this one the day after the first part (veering slightly from the course schedule) as I had time for a full length class and really wanted to try this! I still can't do the peak pose (arm balances seem to be my nemesis!) but loved the whole class, and as usual it was full of really sweet hip openers. Fantastic stuff, I'll be coming back to this one! "
sevisser commented in Yoga for Runners: Post-Run 1 day 3 hours ago
"If I do this class post-run, I never feel stiff later in the day. Absolutely great! "
Ilsahuck commented in Forearm Balance: Strong Core and Solid Base 1 day 11 hours ago
"This is just what I needed - motivated to make it part of my daily routine. Thanks Fiji! "
QianaMarie commented in Morning Wake-Up Hatha Flow 1 day 15 hours ago
"When I feel overwhelmed with the idea of a longer practice, I love this video for a short but invigorating (read: vigorous) practice that challenges me. May not be appropriate for absolute beginners but worked well for me and keeps me engaged and motivated to do more. "
melissabuschey commented in Back to the Mat 1 day 20 hours ago
"Fantastic Class! Lots of great instruction and simple strength building. Thank you! "
PeacefulRN commented in Koundinyasana Fun I 1 day 20 hours ago
"Not for me today. There is no warm-up before launching right into poses which my not-so-flexible body finds painful and possibly injurious (those darn tight hamstrings!). Maybe another day after I've warmed up with some sun salutations or another flowing class. "
jesrosalie commented in Lines, Angles and Loops 2 days 20 min ago
"first class with Do Yoga With Me... Eloquent, well paced, very happy! "
katielee23 commented in Power Yoga for Love Love Love 2 days 16 hours ago
"Thank you, Tracey. That was exactly what I needed today! I'm feeling the love love love. Your 3 heart rocks brought a tear to my eye too. Not sure why, but sometime things get me. :-) I shed another tear at the end too. Soo much emotion! But I loved it and will be back again. Namaste. "
rpac commented in 14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day One 2 days 17 hours ago
"Thank you Fiji! <3 "
LucyHB commented in Pushing Your Limits 2 days 17 hours ago
"I've done this class before but had forgotten how good it was. Great way to start the 14 Day Advanced Challenge :-) I love all Tracey's classes, so this was a joy to do. The arm balance was still beyond me, but I might come back to this class at the end of the challenge to see how I get on :-) "
lori onion commented in Yoga for Athletes: The Mogul Muncher 3 days 1 hour ago
"This one bothered my ankles.... I wanted to like it though :( "
lori onion commented in Power for Deep Release 3 days 2 hours ago
":-). good to know it's possible too improve on these advanced ones! "
cleofrossard commented in Foundations in Flow 3 days 2 hours ago
"Amazing class, and what a place!! The message at the end was really good also, and matched the scenery :) "
Kazza commented in Morning Slow Hatha Yoga Flow 3 days 19 hours ago
"This class by Melissa is by far the best way to start the day! "

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