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Alicetta83 commented in Release the Neck 31 min 54 sec ago
"Thank u it's fantastic! "
CCYogi commented in 14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Eleven 40 min 51 sec ago
"This is incredible! "
ama1031 commented in Balance for Beginners 7 hours 2 min ago
"Grace. I needed that for crow pose, but thank you for having us practice! I at least got into it and one foot off the ground :) "
jwgrigri commented in Lines, Angles and Loops 8 hours 21 min ago
"Thoughtful, deliberate and challenging practice with clear specific instructions. Alignment is so important and small subtile changes can make such a difference. Thank you again! "
rachaelross commented in Hatha Yoga for Arm Strength 10 hours 20 min ago
"I'm a beginner, and though I did find this challenging, it was so worth it! It felt like a did an hour long class. Namaste :) "
mmce32200 commented in Inspire the Fire! 11 hours 9 min ago
"I will most definitely be doing this one again! Loved it, thank you Figi for another fabulous practice!!! "
choco_noire07 commented in Inspire the Fire! 21 hours 10 min ago
"Thanks Fiji for this wonderful class! I feel so energetic after this class! Love and have been following all your classes "
Petraathome commented in Birds of a Feather 22 hours 34 min ago
"Thanks Fiji for another awesome class. You're the best. "
dena.rissman commented in Drishti Flow 1 day 5 hours ago
"THis class was more potent than I imagined. Was finally able to stay in crow. thank you for helping me focus. "
birdhound commented in Back to the Mat 1 day 10 hours ago
"A huge help towards rebuilding my strength after birth, especially with the block work! Not just for post-partum, but would recommend it be added to those videos :) "
lindross commented in Lines, Angles and Loops 1 day 13 hours ago
"Thank you Fiji for a wonderful practice today. Your devotion and passion to yoga shines so brightly. Slowing down each movement really helps in understanding the pose. It was a very challenging practice. It set a great tone for the rest of my day. Thank you again. "
shancatmama commented in Morning Wake-Up 1 day 17 hours ago
"I loved this! Calming, clear voice, perfect instructions, great exercises to start the day. "
Srividya commented in Power Yoga for Love Love Love 2 days 1 hour ago
"Thank you for the love Tracey. May all you practice with you carry your love as they move through their worlds. "
bonzerbon commented in Hanuman Fun 2 days 4 hours ago
"This class has it all...challenges, flow, fun and a great total body workout. Krista is a wonderful teacher who gives instructions very well while using a soothing voice. "
Riser commented in Lines, Angles and Loops 2 days 5 hours ago
"This is an outstanding class. Thank you for your knowledgable teaching , bringing alignment and stability to our practice. You are an amazing and talented teacher. Thank you! "
Petraathome commented in Sacred Expansion 2 days 6 hours ago
"Wonderful session. Loved the imagery with the expanding sphere. Felt my whole body opening up letting in air and light and energy and peace. Thank you Ron for this amazing class. This was a game changing experience. I just ordered one of these spheres to keep in my yoga space so I can connect with your sacred expansion invitations when I practice. "
kloftis commented in Yoga for Cyclists 2 days 7 hours ago
"That was amazing! I stretched parts of my legs I've never stretched before! Definitely using this from now on. I'd like to ask though: I came looking for a session that focused on helping with bike fit. The aggressive position requires a lot of flexibility and core strength. Could you suggest a video that focuses on hip flexibility, trapezius strength and core strength? "
Handsofahealer commented in Chakra Flow 2 days 8 hours ago
"This combines many elements of my favourite classes, but it adds what they have missed the throat and third eye components. Thank you! Sat Nam "
spopdan commented in Birds of a Feather 2 days 8 hours ago
"Such a wonderful, challenging class!! I love all the bird imagery . . .thank you so much, Fiji!! "
glcoops commented in Shoulders and Fun 2 days 8 hours ago
"I really enjoyed this class so much that I downloaded it to take with me as I travel a lot with mu job - but there is no audio on the downloaded video. Can you help? Thank you :-) "

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