Yoga for Fertility

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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If you're looking to get pregnant, it can help to incorporate a practice that helps you welcome the baby into your body and into your life. Fiji filmed this shortly after finding out she was pregnant with her second baby and shifting her perspective, relaxing and opening up to the possibility of pregnancy is an important part of conceiving.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga


talovesyoga2015 3 months ago

When I was trying to conceive my son, yoga was my go-to for both mind and body. During my fertile week, there was a major roadblock to my studio and I was unable to get there to practice. You can imagine my stress in that moment! It ended up being a blessing in disguise, as I then came across this practice. I am so glad that I did! It really helped me get my mind back to a peaceful place, while also giving me a nice workout. A couple weeks later, I learned I was pregnant! Of course I'm not saying this practice magically caused me to become pregnant, but I truly believe applying the meditations to my daily life helped my mind and body relax and eliminate the stressors that can get in the way of conception. Thank you, Fiji! Looking forward to practicing again.

Fiji McAlpine 3 months ago

I was delighted to read this comment! I am so happy for you and happy that you found your way to this practice at the time you needed it the most. Like you, I know that the practice itself is not the magic but simply the invitation to turn in and tune in. We have a far better chance at conceiving a child when we make space within us, often done by stepping out of our own way by clearing stress and worry. I hope you continue to keep that sense of inner ease through the pregnancy and hold beautiful space for the child that grown within you.

AshAnanda 3 months ago

I'm on my second round of IVF, and return to this practice when I need to remember that there is always hope. Thanks again, Fiji, for helping me readjust my perspective in times of tension.

Fiji McAlpine 3 months ago

There are times when all we can "do" is lean into hope, doing so in a graceful way is really the intention of this practice. My heart is with you as you continue to lean with grace.

cm 1 year ago

Thank-you Fiji for the positivity and guidance. That was exactly what I needed today.

Irishlove 1 year ago

Calming, and thoroughly encouraging. I will be using this quite frequently in the days to come. Baby steps toward becoming. Namaste from Ireland.

Wow! This was my first yoga session with do yoga with me. This instructor is so mindful, empowering, and I truly enjoyed it.

Neydia 1 year ago

Such a self loving practice, thank you. I have been told that I wont or hardly will be able to conceve, so I have convinced myself that I just can't have a baby. With that class I have understood that projections are just projections, they are not real, so I should project nurturing ideas instead of negative ones, healing and nurturing thoughts for myself from now on.

Luise 1 year ago

This practice has a healing effect on me. As I found out recently, that I am pregnant unexpectedly , I didn't have such a preparation. The decision to continue the pregnacy is not an easy one for me- regarding my head, but not my heart. The exercise of shifting perspectives is exactly what I need and it helps me to hanlde difficult moments. Thank you Fiji for this support You are my favourite yoga teacher.

alisonbo 1 year ago

Hi! I'm wondering if this yoga sequence is ok to do during the first trimester of pregnancy? I noticed your prenatal videos were just for 2nd and 3rd trimester so after using this flow successfully for fertility (!!!!!!) I'd like to keep going but want to make sure it's safe. Thank you so so much for all that you do!!!!