Yoga for Fertility

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Class Description: 

If you're looking to get pregnant, it can help to incorporate a practice that helps you welcome the baby into your body and into your life. Fiji filmed this shortly after finding out she was pregnant with her second baby and shifting her perspective, relaxing and opening up to the possibility of pregnancy is an important part of conceiving.


Thank you Fiji. Your words
maplesyrupy 5 months ago

Thank you Fiji. Your words brought tears to my eyes.

I am in love with this class
KirstyA 6 months ago

I have always wanted to make yoga part of my life, I started waking up a bit earlier and doing this every morning and i love it. I find it so calming and at the same time invigorating, its an great way to start the day! I really love how Fiji instructs, for the first time I find I actually breath at the right times and can just relax into the routine, which really does make it feel like a meditation.
Thank you so much!

Coming back
LaGuiri 10 months ago

When this practice came out, I did it at least twice a week, but normally more often than that. It's very upsetting when people tell you that "all you have to do to get pregnant is relax", but I got hooked on Fiji's tone, reassuring and never condescending. It was a great comfort for a hard time. I'm happy to say that I got pregnant after about two months and I felt all the while that I was in good company. Thank you.

Thank you Fiji!
JenKnicker 10 months ago

This practice has become my daily meditation.

Beautiful, possibly triggering
Joanna Moore 11 months ago

This is a beautiful practice – calming, gentle and mindful, but still containing some standing poses, to remind us of our strength. Women who have anxiety as a result of their fertility challenges may wish to skip from 22.45 onwards, or press mute, as from here Fiji talks about the stress hormone cortisol and, for the sensitive, the fact that education is being coupled with remedy may be triggering. Hearing this certainly sent my cortisol levels right back up! (I guess as I already know about cortisol and am very sensitive to being ‘lectured’ – quickly feeling guilty or a failure.) For those undergoing IVF treatment due to some clear physical impediment (such as having no or damaged fallopian tubes) phrases such as ‘the seed can easily make its way’ may be upsetting, even as these may be intended symbolically. If you do mute or stop at the suggested point, the next two poses are just a lengthy reclined bound angle pose, followed by a seated prayer pose, so you can easily complete the session. All in all, a wonderful healing practice and very appreciated as there’s very little out there in the way of guided fertility yoga.

Just what I needed
kailyw 11 months ago

Thank you Fiji, this was beautiful and powerful for me. Brought tears to my eyes as I am struggling with my fertility. I will be coming back to this practice regularly.

LaGuiri 1 year ago

Fiji's voice is very calm and I like how she sounds so confident. I've done this practice twice in a week and her voice has come back to my mind at stressful times. It's also short enough to do on top of any other practice.

Thank you!
subrotta 1 year ago

This is just what I needed, as we have been struggling with fertility and I saw this today as though it was a sign that everything will be ok. Thank you so much!