Yin Yoga for the Hips and Lower Back

Sarah Jane Steele
Instructor Sarah Jane Steele
Average: 4.8 (106 votes)
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In this yin yoga class, Sarah-Jane teaches you a sequence that will deeply release the muscles around the back, hips and legs, including the lower back, outer hips, gluts, hip flexors, hamstrings, groin and upper back. It's a great class if you are looking to relieve lower back pain, hip tightness and leg cramps. The space is very quiet and there is no music in this class, so feel free to add your own.

Equipment: Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga


duroc017 2 months ago

I love all the yin classes on this site, but I think this one is my absolute favorite. Sarah Jane's energy is so calming and the sequence of postures is perfect. I need to do this one more often!

felizcat 2 months ago

Great class to release the hips, legs and lower back. Easy to follow with clear guidance and good pace. My hips were suffering before this class and I already feel great opening and release in the hips and legs.

mmsanford 6 months ago

Thank you! This was a great class. My hips feel better than they have in years.

Jenny3 9 months ago

loved the deep stretches - its amazing how far a little patience will get you resp. me! Thanks!

Paulette9 11 months ago

Wonderful class! Thank you Sarah for such a wonderfully releasing class! Your voice is very calming and I loved your reminders of how this practice is helping our organs and meridians. This is the first class I’ve done with you and I plan on doing many more! Thank you for being a wonderful yoga instructor!

Dawn Bowles 1 year ago

Thanks Sarah - Needed this after lots of lower body exercise this week. It works!

dashavin 1 year ago

I really needed this class. The hour flew by too.Thank you Sarah

karen77ca 1 year ago

Not my usual type of yoga practice, I tend to do more power/vinayasa but this was so so good! I will certainly do this again!