Yin Yoga for the Hips and Lower Back

Sarah Jane Steele
Instructor Sarah Jane Steele
Average: 4.8 (109 votes)
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In this yin yoga class, Sarah-Jane teaches you a sequence that will deeply release the muscles around the back, hips and legs, including the lower back, outer hips, gluts, hip flexors, hamstrings, groin and upper back. It's a great class if you are looking to relieve lower back pain, hip tightness and leg cramps. The space is very quiet and there is no music in this class, so feel free to add your own.

Equipment: Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga


Thank you so much for such a beautiful, calming, deep release in all parts of the body that I feel the most tension. Your tone and guidance are lovely and your reminders are perfectly timed.

Cindy76 2 years ago

Awesome Sarah! Reset for sure. I love Do Yoga With Me, so much graditude.

positivelyyoga 2 years ago

What a perfect Yin class! My only regret is that I couldn't enjoy in person. Sarah Jane teaches this enjoyable and effective sequence in a lovely calming and healing style. Thank you!

LizzieLiz 2 years ago

Wonderful and healing way to end the working week. Thank you x