Yang to Yin

Satiya Channer
Instructor Satiya Channer
Average: 4.7 (30 votes)
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This is a more challenging class than Satiya's typical offering. It's grounded in a gentle, slow flow but features a few beginner to intermediate poses. She begins the moderately paced Yang to Yin practice with standing poses to get your body warmed up, then helps you work your way down to the floor where the postures become longer, the breath becomes deeper and you slowly begin to settle into stillness.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga


mrswright2015 1 month ago

This class is truly inspired. I left this class feeling calmer in mind and body. A perfect example of how yoga is union between body and mind. Thank you, Satiya!

tarastarbird 2 months ago

Great practice, Satiya! Exactly what I needed on a day when menstruating and feeling stiff, needing a balance between movement and stillness. Thank you. Namaste.

foodfuel 2 months ago

Love the description of warrior reaching forward and arm overhead - really gets your core and spine working. I found this to be relaxing and challenging all at once and throughout the practice. Thank you!

islandgirl 3 months ago

This was a lovely, well thought out practice! Love the contrast between the Yang
and Yin segments. I especially enjoyed the Yin part of her class.