Trust Yourself

Nicky Jones
Instructor Nicky Jones
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Nicky leads you through a class designed to help you ground yourself in your body, let go of what doesn't serve you and learn to trust and connect with yourself. Incorporating guided meditation, focused breathing and seated and lying postures, this class is all about taking time for yourself. You don't strictly need any props for this class, but you may find that you want a block, bolster, or blanket to boost your hips.

Equipment: None
Style: Yoga Therapy


turnerck 5 months ago

Beautiful. Nicky's classes are exactly what my soul needs to remember to love and nourish and trust myself. Thank you for sharing your light.

ConnieMcCabe 7 months ago

Thank you for this gentle class. I have been away from yoga for a few months, and this is just what I needed to reconnect. Namaste! ❤

oakhazel 8 months ago

Thank you Nicky - your classes are amazing. Very relaxing.

Paulette9 9 months ago

Beautiful class! Thank you Nicky! By the way, I love your teal and grey combo! It inspired me as well!

perfecta25 10 months ago

Namaste and thank you - I didn't realize how much I needed this love and trust in myself. <3