Sneaky Office Chair Yoga


Great for work-at-home moms!
kjsalonga 1 week ago

Hey Rachel, I just want to try yoga again. I'm a web designer and I am sitting almost the whole day. This really helps me with my back problems--and hope that I can stick with my yoga habit! :) Love your work!

Great to see a chair class added
Rbreid73 4 weeks ago

Thanks Rachel for this. I often teach lunchtime classes and have considered how to bring props such as chairs into my practice. so my students can then hopefully take that teaching away and learn to do likewise at their own desks. This has given plenty of inspiration for how I could teach my next class to include chair. I reckon there's even more options of poses to explore so I'm looking forward to taking your learning and having a play with how I can develop a good proportion of my class using a chair. I'll let you know how I get on!

nice mid-day break!
sammykins 1 month ago

i spend my whole day at my desk--even eat my lunch at my desk. this was a really nice break. it was also a nice way to warm up a little bit in my freezing cold office! i'll do this one again. thank you rachel!

Rachel Scott 1 month ago

So glad that you enjoyed...I also have experienced those freezing offices!!