Slow Flow: Salutation Variations

Guy Friswell
Instructor Guy Friswell
Average: 4.6 (26 votes)
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In this short class, Guy guides you through a series of three distinct salutation sequences: salute to all directions, salute to the gods and goddesses, and salute to the moon. Use any or all of these sequences at the start of your practice — particularly in the morning — to get your body warmed up and your energy flowing.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Slow Flow, Yoga for Seniors


JMacDee 2 months ago

I found this to be an excellent active, short class. Thank you!

AJ McCorkell 4 months ago

Lovely, simple, energetic and honouring - all valuable during this Covid19 crisis. And you have a lovely, comforting voice. Thank you.

bbbbbbbri 4 months ago

I found that it sped up throughout the practice, so I struggled with the pace. I have a lot of imbalances and pain that I'm working on due to high passive flexibility and a lifetime of sports, so I was hoping it would be slower so that I could focus on, for example, keeping my weight even in the feet or keeping the bandhas in the poses since that's really important in my practice. I found when the teacher finished explaining one pose, he went right into the next with no time to adjust or breathe. Maybe I just need to seek out more hatha practices.

oakhazel 5 months ago

Interesting lesson. Thank you, I also struggled with the last salutation but a bit more practice will sort it. Thank you.

dmoffitt 6 months ago

After four days of work travel which criss-crossed the country, this was a welcome relief. Guy's slow and easy technique incorporates breath awareness, mobility and just enough juice to help my body reset. I was resisting coming to the mat this morning, and so glad I did. Thank you Guy.

sng4ever 6 months ago

I liked the first two however the god and goddess salute was a bit odd/not use to.
Guy , as always, is a good guide/teacher.
These are new to me so I was happy to be exposed/learn about them.

Guy Friswell 6 months ago

Thanks for your feedback -- I'd have to agree that salute to the gods and goddesses is a bit odd. It takes a fair bit of persistent practice to find the flow and pattern of movements. My basic idea was to put some other suggestions out there rather than the standard sun salutation. Mixing it up is a good thing and glad to hear that you were open to trying. All the best, Guy