Renewing Power in Flow: Foot Balances

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 5 (118 votes)
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The 2nd in Fiji's Renewing Power Series, this class focuses on foot balances, while moving through another beautiful, Fiji-style power flow. She has an amazing way of guiding you effortlessly through sequences you may never have believed you were capable of doing. Get ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


clothwright 10 months ago

Had a not-great day and decided to try this class on a whim as it was the next one in the monthly challenge. Thank you, it was exactly what I needed. Very difficult for me, but it felt so good to wring out some bad energy and to challenge myself. I hope with practice I will someday be able to do everything in this class, it gives me something to aspire to. Thank you.

emmmorandy 2 years ago

Left this class with the feeling that I had worked out every little piece of my body and soul.

Challenging to keep up with at parts - but gets easier every day.


Ivette 3 years ago

I love Fiji's classes they are challenging yet leave you extremely calm, relaxed and balanced. The perfect combination! I love her short classes but these long classes enjoy them even more. Thank you for this class!

ErikaM34 3 years ago

Thank you Fiji for this strengthening and calming class.

jessicamceachern23 4 years ago

Incredible class, I just love Fiji! I'm relatively new to yoga (practicing for about 5 months), and I have just started trying out the Intermediate level classes. I still can't do all of the poses, but Fiji offers lots of options for working up to them. Also, today was the first time that I felt like I managed to find the rhythm of my breath! I was actually moving with my breathing, which felt amazing - and it's thanks to her flawless instruction. I'll keep coming back to this one. :) Namaste.

Jelena 4 years ago

Challenging class, just what I needed! Thank you som much!

Dakota Drummer 4 years ago

This shorter version of Fiji's longer video is still packed with so many great poses and transitions. Amazing what a great 1 hour class can do for you, especially with fantastic teaching like Fiji's.

Astrobright 5 years ago

That practice woke everything up. Fiji is an amazing teacher - I wish I had her grace....maybe with time and lots of practice.

Lindagun1 6 years ago

This is the 2nd time I've taken this class. It is challenging but doable. It brings me to my edge of what I can do. There are a couple of poses that are beyond my ability at this point in time, but it gives me something to look forward to! Great class. Thank you!