Renewing Power in Flow: Foot Balances

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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The 2nd in Fiji's Renewing Power Series, this class focuses on foot balances, while moving through another beautiful, Fiji-style power flow. She has an amazing way of guiding you effortlessly through sequences you may never have believed you were capable of doing. Get ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


sundaramkrishna 6 years ago

I felt tired, light and relaxed after this beautiful sequence. It is rare to experience tiresome and relaxation together. I have recommended this one to my wife, who is also a Yoga teach in a school.

msrisley 6 years ago

Fiji..I just love your style. Your cueing is perfect and the sequencing could not be better. Please....more intermediate level classes from you!! I'm so impressed.

Jeffwms2439 6 years ago

This was a great practice. I had to slow down a couple of times and regroup. Gonna keep at, thank you so much for posting!

forrestjm3 7 years ago

This class is incredible and Fiji's instruction is well timed and very helpful.

rixbury 7 years ago

I have done many yoga classes over the years and after taking a break for a while and finding this one, it put me right back into it. The instruction is top notch and the flow is amazing. My favorite online practice. Thank you for doing this DYWM.

thatshowifeel 7 years ago

I'm a beginner and this one kicked my ass in the best possible way. I feel so good and worn out and look forward to being worn out by it in the future.

vasodebarro 7 years ago

One of my favourites!, Fiji takes U easily and strongly through an invigorating and deep meaning class.

Sydney Jones 7 years ago

This is a great compliment to the first renewing power. Foot balances can be challenging but with Fiji's instructions it really takes the guess work out and allows you to truly focus your energy on the task at hand or the foot in balance :)
Thank you again! This is a great series :)

Liddy 7 years ago

Excellent instruction throughout a unique and fulfilling class.