The Real Deal Pigeon

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
Average: 5 (19 votes)
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The beautiful location, Crista's light, fun delivery and the deep release you're about to experience, make this full-length class deeply satisfying and a go-to class for many. In this class, Crista takes you toward the “real” pigeon, Kapotasana, which is a lying backbend done from virasana. The vinyasa yoga flow includes a lot of backbends, side stretches, shoulder openers and twists.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


greentea2012 2 months ago

How can i give a second 5 stars to this class? It is just amazingly good.

terilhh 5 months ago

Lovely practice! The chant at the end is a nice touch - Crista, you have a beautiful voice. I only wish I had the words to sing along. Thank you!

lcf805 7 months ago

I loved this class from start to finish! I was nervous about the length, but after reading a couple reviews, decided to take the plunge and I am so glad I did :) this class hit a sweet spot for me - I was challenged at times and close to my edge, but the class was so well balanced and flowed so well that it just felt ... right :) Crista, your compassionate and calming leadership, coupled with your ability to intuit what to say and when, is so comforting -and inviting - when I take your classes I feel safe, supported, and I always find your fun-loving attitude infectious! Thank you!

duroc017 7 months ago

Where oh where did the time go!?!! This class, like other Crista classes, just flies right by because it is so fun, challenging while also playful. I feel infused with joy now!

Manjusri 10 months ago

I had doubts whether I could manage such a long class, and such advanced poses, but felt drawn to a Christa class today and am so grateful for it. It is so rich and nourishing. Lots of challenges and at the same time revelations that 'one is on the way' in the more difficult postures. This is a deep class to return to again and again over time. Christa's chanting at the end is stunning, the combination of her pure-hearted devotion and beautiful voice. And as always, she infuses the whole class with her contagious joy. Thank you x

ljh101 10 months ago

Challenging intermediate class with several opportunities to practice Fallen Triangle, Standing Splits, Flying Monkey, and Camel pose, plus Wild Thing and other fun poses. Lovely chanting to finish. Looking forward to doing it again. Thanks :)

Lexy98 1 year ago

Christa's are the best - soft and yet strong and fun and yet focused. More please! Namaste Christa

pvetsen 1 year ago

Fun, frisky, and challenging as always. Hope to see Christa joining on your retreats some day :)