Ignite Your Shakti

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

This short, 20-min vinyasa flow class will spark your energy like no other. Fiji's enthusiasm and careful guidance make this class perfect first thing in the morning or to recharge in the middle of the day. Get ready to sweat!


Wow!! That was awesomely
Tilly Lan 4 weeks ago

Wow!! That was awesomely intense! Totally got me from slumped to skipping. Certainly jump started my shakti. Feel energised and positive for the day ahead. Thanks x

Really good in the morning
Dasha 2 months ago

Really good in the morning for a quick warm up - Thank you Film !

My Day 3, evenly paced. I
Chastity 2 months ago

My Day 3, evenly paced. I built up a nice slow heat. Thank you

Great class!!!
Lealy 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this class. The pace is challenging, but nice for an indermediate class - my back feels very nice. thank you very much Fiji and the whole team of doyogawithme.com - it is really a blessing for all of us that we can enjoy these powerful classes for free!

Wow! That was tough, but
laurahwilson5 2 months ago

Wow! That was tough, but great! I'm definitely going to come back to this one when I've finished the challenge.

Nice class. A little
dxm300 3 months ago

Nice class. A little difficult for so early on in the challenge.

Difficult. Fast Paced. Powerful.
miss.serena 3 months ago

This class was very very fast paced. I struggled to keep up, falling behind whenever I looked at the screen to see what we sere supposed to be doing. I will have to watch it a few more times before I am able to keep pace with Fiji. Once I have it down pat, I expect it will be a powerful class. I think this should be classified as level difficult though.

Looking forward to doing it again
violetgray 3 months ago

oh this kicked my ass so hard but also motivated me to do it again and improve myself. I've been looking for a short and powerful flow to. do in the morning before work and this just might be it. Thanks Fiji !

Short and sweet class
Rbreid73 3 months ago

Although only 23 minutes, this class sure packs a punch with Fiji's fast pace there were occasions where I struggled to keep up and keep my breathing in check. I've watched the video again afterwards in an attempt to really understand what's needed to get into and out of every pose and where to breathe in/out - with courage and composure! If you're not used to vinyasa classes, I would recommend watching this a couple of times before getting onto the mat. I'm sure that when I do the class again, I will find it hugely beneficial.

Challenging but Great
Crumpet 4 months ago

This was a great class. It may have been a bit to advanced for me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Sometimes its good to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.