Ignite Your Shakti

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (354 votes)
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This short, 20-min vinyasa flow class will spark your energy like no other. Fiji's enthusiasm and careful guidance make this class perfect first thing in the morning or to recharge in the middle of the day. Get ready to sweat!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Yoga Fan 2 years ago

Awesome short class! Super invigorating. Thanks, Fiji!

DTM 2 years ago

I love this class Fiji thank you! I would like to find other classes this strong and energetic. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Fiji McAlpine 2 years ago

Happy you like it! Rise and shine, inspire the fire, and moving meditation 1 and 2 might be of interest to you!

Sanya 2 years ago

I just got started after a nasty spine injury and although I am doing my best, I still can't do all the poses, I can't even hold my balance but I will keep trying! This is only my 3rd day, I have been doing both "beginners" and the other video offered, twice a day. I believe that it will get better by day 30 :)
Thank you!

yvette.marie 2 years ago

I'd forgotten how good this practice was! Perfect for a Saturday morning where I have limited time but I need the energy to just keep going a bit longer. Namaste

deborahcb 2 years ago

Your title for this class is perfect for what you offer. What I really like about this class is you don't rely on repetitive chaturangas to get energy flowing. This class is creative, and I truly feel more energized, rather than wiped out. Thank you for fitting so much in 20 minutes, including stretches.

Maralepp 2 years ago

I thought I was past the beginner level, but clearly not. I need more strength and better balance to do most of this. Maybe another time.

Hsiaolingdawson 3 years ago

Wow, what a 20 something mins can do for me!!! Very powerful and at times, challenging. I used to practice yoga on the daily basis for 4 years, and then I stopped. That was 14 years ago. I was able to do the wheel post then, but couldn't fully accomplish it this morning. Feeling a bit discouraged...sigh.... Looks like I will be coming back for more to build strength!!!

LindaMBaldwin 3 years ago

Thanks, Fiji, for another great class. This one got me up and moving and feeling good in a short time. Perfect way to start my morning!