Healthy Hamstrings

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Hatha Yoga
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Class Description: 

Tight hamstrings can cause all kinds of problems, such as lower back pain, neck pain and muscle cramps, as well as limit the range of motion in your hips and knees. Releasing your hamstrings can improve the efficiency of your running or cycling, improve recovery from workouts, increase circulation to your feet and make your legs feel much better. This class is good for all kinds of reasons, for all kinds of people.


Whats next?
HorseShuHeart 4 weeks ago

I loved the way I felt in my legs after this class. I realized I needed a class for my lower back immediately after. Which would be recommended?

Great find
Janlynnm 5 months ago

This was tough, because my hamstrings are so tight. But I tried to take it easy. I can see how will become easier, quickly. And that will be clear progress! Great class!

Great class thank you!
rachie 10 months ago

Great class thank you!

New favorite class!
BecRueter 1 year ago

With plates and pins in my left ankle, the rest of my leg and hip are chronically tight. I think this focused class will be the next step to really strengthening and lenthening all those tired, deeply tight muscles.
Thank you!

Thank you!

This was my first DoYogaWithMe class...
Thank you, David!
Loved the precision :-) , the calm, clear instruction, just the right challenge, the setting outdoors on a beautiful summery evening (could it be Beacon Hill Park Rocks?), the whole calm, spacious, and stretchy scene. The crows too.
Will do more online classes now, esp. in the rain & storm season!
And when I travel again, the teachers and outdoor settings will remind me of Home sweet Island!

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi, Melanie. Thanks for the feedback! Such a generous description. :-)
This video was filmed in Uplands Park. Glad to hear that you're benefiting from what we're doing!

Hi David,
Melanie Lichtinger 12 months ago

Hi David,
ahhh, Uplands - love it too. And much quieter than BHP.
Just did this practice again, and had forgotten that it was my first - again awesome, 'simple', yet so much happening. You are a master in describing and guiding in perfect alignment. Makes me wonder what your Astro chart looks like? :-)
Big gratitude for creating and maintaining this community Yoga service and making it available to everyone everywhere! Just recommended it to a friend from the East Coast.

Truly grateful for such a
strongweiqi 1 year ago

Truly grateful for such a simple yet effective way to quickly loosen and release hamstrings after a run, hike, bicycle ride, or even just to energize the entire body. Sometimes, our legs need extra special attention, they do so much for us. Nice work David! Sending the DYWM teachers good and healthy Qi! Hugs!

What an Incredible Teacher
DeniseCS 1 year ago

David, you are terrific and this is a great class. Your voice is so calm and beautiful. I could listen to it all day. Thank you!