Grace with Gravity

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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Ron's unique style and wonderful guidance help you rediscover your body and relate to yoga in a new way. Have fun with this one, as you play with balance, flow and the breath.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Nicholet 6 months ago

This is a calming and yet a bit challenging class. I really enjoy Ron’s style and instruction. I always feel Ike I am cared for after one of Ron’s classes. His are some of my favorites on the site. Thank you!

Nicholet 1 year ago

I am very fond of Ron's teaching style. This is a lovely crafted class. Thank you!

katymalone22 1 year ago

I did this after a long stressful day of sitting in a car. It was perfect for getting all of that icky tension out. Thank you for such a carefree, non-judgmental class that really help my joints to feel more supple.

Wonderful Yoga Sailing with Ron! Loved the fluidity and imagery! My body-mind-spirit feels light and free, just like a sailboat :-)
Yes, also hoping and voting for more of Ron's classes!

Natalie2 2 years ago

The ladies in CT love you, Ron! We need more videos! Yours are our favorite. We love the wind in your sails and your whimsical clicking . Keep it up. ,

AllisonUrsula 2 years ago

I loved this class, and it helped me work though some dark feelings into a place of greater peace. Ron has a poetic approach to his practice. The descriptions and images that he uses are vivid and centering. I know I will return to this class again.

Rachel15 2 years ago

This was a great class, lovely and graceful, and Ron has such a gentle approach. I'll definitely be coming back to this one :)

charstewart 3 years ago

I loved imagining my spine as a mast and body as a sail! The slow pace and connection of body and breath was perfect for my practice today.

Heidela 4 years ago

I followed Ron from youtube to here and joined I was wondering will you have more Ron Steward Videos I have done all four several times and his style is perfectly wonderful. I really look forward to seeing him again ? Can you tell me if this will happen please?

Paul 4 years ago

Hi Heidela - You're in luck. We just finished another filming session with Ron last month, so more videos will be coming soon. Thanks for your feedback!