Grace with Gravity

Ron Stewart
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Ron's unique style and wonderful guidance help you rediscover your body and relate to yoga in a new way. Have fun with this one, as you play with balance, flow and the breath.


Perfect for loosening up
katymalone22 4 weeks ago

I did this after a long stressful day of sitting in a car. It was perfect for getting all of that icky tension out. Thank you for such a carefree, non-judgmental class that really help my joints to feel more supple.

Melanie Lichtinger 4 months ago

Wonderful Yoga Sailing with Ron! Loved the fluidity and imagery! My body-mind-spirit feels light and free, just like a sailboat :-)
Yes, also hoping and voting for more of Ron's classes!

The ladies in CT love you,
Natalie2 1 year ago

The ladies in CT love you, Ron! We need more videos! Yours are our favorite. We love the wind in your sails and your whimsical clicking . Keep it up. ,

I loved this class, and it
AllisonUrsula 1 year ago

I loved this class, and it helped me work though some dark feelings into a place of greater peace. Ron has a poetic approach to his practice. The descriptions and images that he uses are vivid and centering. I know I will return to this class again.

This was a great class,
Rachel15 1 year ago

This was a great class, lovely and graceful, and Ron has such a gentle approach. I'll definitely be coming back to this one :)

Sail on! Great practice!1
charstewart 2 years ago

I loved imagining my spine as a mast and body as a sail! The slow pace and connection of body and breath was perfect for my practice today.

are there more Ron Stewart videos?
Heidela 2 years ago

I followed Ron from youtube to here and joined I was wondering will you have more Ron Steward Videos I have done all four several times and his style is perfectly wonderful. I really look forward to seeing him again ? Can you tell me if this will happen please?

More videos from Ron
Paul 2 years ago

Hi Heidela - You're in luck. We just finished another filming session with Ron last month, so more videos will be coming soon. Thanks for your feedback!

I am still waiting for a new Ron Stewart videos? please?
heckerdy 2 years ago

I am so hoping you will give us more of Ron's videos ..I keep checking back and I do love several of your videos you are all wonderful for giving your time and doing this …but for my husband and I together when we have time and want to do a video class? We both always go to Ron ..his classes are such depth and it is like a physical story unraveling! they are good long videos and we both like that as well ..I certainly would purchase a collection of his videos perhaps a package of his offerings? thanks so much again you are all wonderful but we all find our island in the storm and Ron clicked with us on video

Ron, the intention and
margotschmorak 3 years ago

Ron, the intention and visualizations in this class are great. I enjoyed movement and buoyancy that I've never experienced before!

But I really got lost a number of times on what was happening (practically speaking). Like, where I was supposed to face on the mat and what your suggested movements were for my arms. I would love it if you could re-record this with more specific instructions for this. It was substantially less easy to follow compared to other DYWM classes, and I think it could be improved a lot with this small change.