Gently Into Power

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
Average: 4.7 (142 votes)
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Ron designed this class for those times when you are lacking energy or feeling unmotivated, but still want to practice yoga. Ron's sweet nature and skillful guidance are absolutely perfect. You will be happy you pressed play, I promise.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


d.arseneau 1 month ago

I don't think I've ever caught myself grinning so many times in a class before. Expertly guided. Gentle and progressive, but powerful and impactful. I really love how Ron seamlessly connects simple and familiar poses from the beginning of the class to more 'demanding' poses near the end. Really helpful prompts that help you get the most out of relatively simple poses. This makes for a very holistic and thorough class. Ron's sweet and compassionate guidance is most welcome. Ron- I love your style and I think we could be buds.

Jewels1 3 months ago

Woke up this morning not sure if I could (or wanted ) to do a yoga session. Thank you Ron for this beautiful practice that allowed me to slowly encourage my body and soul to become active. This was an incredible feeling of pleasure and encouragement. My outlook on the day ahead has changed completely. I will definitely return to this session often.

iamtheuniverse 6 months ago

This class is pure gold. With Ron's classes you always have the feeling that you're getting something that goes way beyond yoga. There is so much beauty and compassion in the way he teaches, that time literally flies and one never fails to feel precious while practising. Thanks for offering classes with such a wise, beautiful human being.

MaryRose Metcalfe 6 months ago

I agree. David is great. Love his gentle manner.

If he had a retreat somewhere in BC I would be there!!

iamtheuniverse 5 months ago

Hi Mary Rose... you either meant Ron instead of David, or you posted your comment on the wrong video ;)

iamtheuniverse 5 months ago

they are, aren't they? I feel so lucky I found this site. Better than many yoga studios I've tried!

JMacDee 6 months ago

My second time with this class and I loved it. Ron's style is playful and informative and I was surprised to get into a flipped d. dog, not sure what it's name is . . . wild thing? I recommend this class to anyone who would like their mood elevated. Thank you, James

MaryRose Metcalfe 6 months ago

Thanks Ron. This was excellent. I found I really needed to keep my eyes open and on the screen for this practice. I learned new ways to move from pose to pose in this practice. I loved the gentle approach to this practice.

ama1031 7 months ago

Ohhhhh, the seaguls and the music and the gentle yet confident voice made this practice an unexpected heaven. Ron bring such a gentle way to strength. Thank you for bring us to the mat today and making just the right practice. I feel like this would be a perfect evening practice as well. Namaste.