Gently Into Power

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Hatha Yoga
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Class Description: 

Ron designed this class for those times when you are lacking energy or feeling unmotivated, but still want to practice yoga. Ron's sweet nature and skillful guidance are absolutely perfect. You will be happy you pressed play, I promise.


What a lovely way to start a weekend
sigras 2 weeks ago

Really - after a stressful work week, to follow this class was, as Ron says, 'delicious'. Thank you.

thank you very much! i feel
Lealy 2 weeks ago

thank you very much! i feel very good afterwards!

Kknemeth 1 month ago

Thank you Ron! I came in to this practice feeling physically weak and exhausted and mentally frazzled. I am leaving it feeling physically strong and mentally clear. Thank you!

thank you, ron, for great
sara fruchtmann 1 month ago

thank you, ron, for great yoga and the love of life you exude!

Thank you, Ron! You're an
SutzaSun 4 months ago

Thank you, Ron! You're an angel. I can breathe and feel the energy tingling again. Just what I needed.

thank you for this class.
galgery 5 months ago

thank you for this class.
i appreciate the paying attention to detail.

i learned a lot
gypsyrasa 9 months ago

this is a complex and subtle practice that challenges with holding poses that can bring deep release. i learned a lot about alignment from Ron. this was a refreshing break from overly familiar power yoga sequences that kept my awareness the entire practice. thank you!

Great starting the day with this video
JeromeBeal 11 months ago

Just perfect to start the day with this videao. Thank you

Helen P 1 year ago

Thanks Ron for this wonderful class. I nearly didn't press the play button because I was feeling too tired but I forced myself and it both revived and relaxed me, and gave me a sense of satisfaction that I had been able to do my daily yoga practice in spite of feeling burnt out at the end of a stressful day. The instruction and the pace were exactly right.