Gently Into Power

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Instructor Ron Stewart
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Ron designed this class for those times when you are lacking energy or feeling unmotivated, but still want to practice yoga. Ron's sweet nature and skillful guidance are absolutely perfect. You will be happy you pressed play, I promise.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Thank you
Liga 1 month ago

Fabulous thank you. A longer savasana, at least 10mins would be great. Otherwise fabulous class.

Yay Ron
namastacey 5 months ago

Lovely class. Some surprising and amazing transitions. The gulls were a lovely add. Thank you!

Perefect remedy for my inner grouch...
circelink 6 months ago

I was grouchy and tired, but I knew I would find a class here to help me let it all go and show me how to find my center again, and this class sure did it. Thank you Ron!

kaceyjo 8 months ago

Beautiful moving meditation! Thank you, Ron.

At peace.
susan.rae 10 months ago

Thank you, true to your promise my lethargy and negativity shifted to one of peace and mindful energy. Awesome class.

Hard to follow
Qrious 11 months ago

This sounded like a great mix for a class but I found myself looking at the screen regularly (which I never do) as the instruction is patchy - sometimes for example talking about straightening a leg but missing out that you should also be lifting it.
I picked this class particularly as I wanted something that built up the intensity but ended up switching to a different class as it didn’t feel safe on the neck to have to look over as frequently as I did in this one.

I really like this class and
Nanaimoyo 11 months ago

I really like this class and teacher! Thank you :)

Exactly right for me
laneberger 1 year ago

This stretch-and-guidance-heavy class is exactly what I need when I have difficulty motivating myself to come to the mat. After doing the class once with my eyes open, I was able to do the entire class the next time with my eyes closed. I found Ron's conversational style a calming substitute for the everyday chatter of my thoughts. It was a transcendent experience.

Such creative Yoga Dance!

Wonderful! Just what I needed today (didn't even know I did, just followed the call to 'do a class with Ron'.
My body-mind-spirit just loved the flow and gentleness, the 'unpredictable' yet very aware, intentional, and well-guided dance through the movements. And the Yoga Medicine today, of starting really gently from the ground-UP.
Bookmarked to revisit.
I'd love to see more of Ron's classes here at DYWM, maybe explicitly a Yoga practice with Dance elements!

Really interesting class!
MichelleDenise 1 year ago

I thought this sequencing and way of presenting the poses from the mat upwards was really unique and interesting. And a lot of the way Ron brings the student into poses I found really insightful and his directives helped me understand deeper aspects of the pose -- like coming into Warrior 3 through a sense of a standing Cobra -- super cool! Thank you!