Gently Into Power

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Hatha Yoga
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Class Description: 

Ron designed this class for those times when you are lacking energy or feeling unmotivated, but still want to practice yoga. Ron's sweet nature and skillful guidance are absolutely perfect. You will be happy you pressed play, I promise.


Good but Noisy
percevial0815 1 month ago

Great flow. Feels chatty at times and there is a strange clicking noise Ron makes with his mouth that I find jarring; tthis along with the birds is distracting.

Cool Class
mrswright2015 1 month ago

There were about 3 vinyasas in this class, so maybe slow flow vinyasa or power yoga would be a better label for this?

Anyway, what a fantastic class. Thanks Ron and video team!

Awesome practice
dhindman426 4 months ago

That was sincerely the most thorough restful fun yoga practice I've ever had. Thank you ;-)

What a lovely way to start a weekend
sigras 6 months ago

Really - after a stressful work week, to follow this class was, as Ron says, 'delicious'. Thank you.

thank you very much! i feel
Lealy 6 months ago

thank you very much! i feel very good afterwards!

Kknemeth 7 months ago

Thank you Ron! I came in to this practice feeling physically weak and exhausted and mentally frazzled. I am leaving it feeling physically strong and mentally clear. Thank you!

thank you, ron, for great
sara fruchtmann 7 months ago

thank you, ron, for great yoga and the love of life you exude!

Thank you, Ron! You're an
SutzaSun 10 months ago

Thank you, Ron! You're an angel. I can breathe and feel the energy tingling again. Just what I needed.