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A Full Body Vinyasa Flow

Intermediate II
If you are looking for a satisfying and challenging intermediate vinyasa-style class that addresses the whole body, give this one a try. Fiji moves you smoothly through poses that open the body quickly, strengthening keys areas, while keeping your attention with creative transitions and wonderful descriptions. You'll have fun with this one! The music playlist is provided by Yogitunes.


Existing Comments

February 8, 2021

Thank you so much Fiji!! I have been doing your classes for about a year now, but this practice was a first! Your cueing is so helpful! I am a RYT 200 yoga instructor- I hope to take an inperson training with you some day:-)

December 18, 2020

loved this one! Got to see a bit more of Fiji's sense of humor than usual, and AS usual, got an amazing workout. I love how she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to explaining technique!

Lisa Paige
August 22, 2020

Thanks as always, Fiji! I feel sweaty, wrung out, and a little shaky — which means I really worked hard. I’m so close to getting that bind ... and have great anticipation for the joy that I’ll feel the day I do! Swinging my foot around to plank from that lunge is NOT happening yet. All the more reason to do the class again soon! Namaste.

July 31, 2020

Thank you so much Fiji. I think this is one of my favorite classes from you. Full body, strong poses and very clear instructions especially on what muscle groups to focus on. Namaste :)

June 8, 2020

I am so happy with do yoga with me! I have learned so much and keep learning so much. firefly pose is amazing! I actually I got it for a moment on the third try! I cannot wait to keep working on it . Fiji thank you! You are so inspiring! keep brining the goodness!
Peace in kindness.

June 7, 2020

Thanks, this was a nice flow! One disadvantage of practicing at home in a small space is that it's tough to kick out from the short edge of the mat (see 28:30) without knocking anything over!

May 31, 2020

Thank you for your clarity, your guidance and sharing your experience. This was a wonderful class. Danke schoen

Trudy Boos
April 17, 2020

Thank you Fiji, after doing your two 14 day challenges I was looking for more classes. I loved this one. Since quarantaine, here today day #37, I'm more committed than ever to my practice. Starting every day with yoga helps me to stay more focused and sane.

April 13, 2020

Thank you, Fiji. I can thank so much for you in my yoga practice. Your 14-day challenge was a milestone in my practice. And I learnt so much from your other classes as well. But somehow I haven't done any of your classes for a time - until now. This class was a perfect return for me. Thank you very much!

March 21, 2019

yet another amazing and invigorating flow, thanks Fiji!

September 8, 2018

When I am in a rut, after a busy day, or my mind cannot slow down this class succeeds at reconnecting me with my intentions and mind and body connection. Thank you Fiji.

August 20, 2018

Love love love! super challenging yet relaxing.
July 30, 2018

I have a hard time finding a class that addresses the whole body and this fit the bill. Thanks Fiji!

Sally White
July 8, 2018

I adore this class! It leaves my neck and shoulders loose and nimble and my legs feeling strong and grounded. Thank you!

July 1, 2018

I forgot I liked this one and my 5 year old spread out a blanket next to me and do the moves too. Even the end relaxation. She said she wants to always do yoga with me now. Feeling blessed.

June 29, 2018

So great to discover a new favorite. Challenging, different, and engaging.

June 4, 2018

Thanks Fiji and the Do Yoga with Me family- you all have really changed they way I do yoga. You have helped me to slow down and guided me to find mental precense in my poses which has deepened my love for yoga.

This class a perfect total body flow with a little bit of everything!! Fiji, your directions are so clear for both minnd and body!

March 21, 2018

I enjoyed this was difficult to maintain reverse prayer and balance. I will have to focus and work on this move. Thank you. I always enjoy Fiji's classes. Excellent pace, instruction and flow.

March 18, 2018

I haven't heard music with Fiji for awhile ( or I just missed it ;( ). Thank -you for a great class, reminiscent of the older classes I love.

February 6, 2018

That was a tough one! I struggle so much with balance so the reverse prayer pose while on one leg was pretty challenging. I will definitely have to come back to this one regularly!

January 15, 2018

This is a really well rounded series that works through so many tight spots and challenges. In contrast to the reviewer below, I like the instruction and Fiji is clear and concise - perfect for me. I have practiced Iyengar for a long time so am used to the precision and welcome it. Just became a subscriber and glad to have found this resource. No video issues.

January 6, 2018

Loved this workout, feel really loose and peaceful. As this is an intermediate workout I would've liked slightly less instruction. Too many directions takes me out of my practice. Thanks Fiji!

I also had issues with freezing video (used windows surface with chrome)

November 22, 2017

Great class for the whole body, feeling so good now and ready for whatever the day throws at me ! Thank you Fiji. Namaste.

November 21, 2017

Great class and my body is so happy. Your instructions are always perfect.

November 9, 2017

VEry frustrating to be in the middle of a video (happens to many) and it stops playing... not very yoga-ish at all. I am a subscriber and I count on these and then boom... nothing.

November 5, 2017

I am also having issues with the videos stopping, very frustrating. I have tried all the suggestions and still continue to have the problem.

October 28, 2017

Thanks so much, Fiji! I woke up with intentions to practice better than last time and here we are! I couldn't do each pose to its deepest, but I tried my best and Fiji helped me push myself to do better. Thank you and Namaste!

October 26, 2017

Good challenge due to the longer holds in lunge pose; well-rounded with each part of the body getting a little attention and opportunity to build stamina. Fiji's detailed cues help me to get the fullest expression of each pose. Thank you!

September 28, 2017

Good workout, especially if you want to give the upper body a bit of a break. Just a good overall yoga practice without any excessive acrobatic contortions. And the music didn't bother me either, although the music in connection to core is my favourite.

Thanks again Fiji, you are awesome. Cheerio.

August 19, 2017

Thank you for this well balanced class. I am currently working on Fiji´s shoulder series, and wanted something less upper body focused to give my shoulders a resting day...On a side note, it would be so great, if the yogitunes were optional - for me, the music is very irritating, and I actually try to avoid any classes with the yogitunes in general.

Elsa Avila
August 11, 2017

Fiji always surprises me with something new that alignes body, mind and spirit. Thanks a lot for your dedication and sharing Fiji

Lisa Paige
July 24, 2017

My daughters and I are at the beach in Maine--Peaks Island, off the coast of Portland--and it poured all day! They ran in the morning, but I did not ... I drank coffee and finished a book. Plans to run in the afternoon jettisoned, I opened up the laptop to do one of your classes. My 25-year-old, a very serious long-d runner, joined in. She loved it as much as I did! It was awesome to practice together (she lives in NYC so it doesn't happen often). Great strengthening and excellent stretches that opened us up. You are the best! <3

July 12, 2017

Would love to get through video, I'm 14 minutes in and it has stopped/froze at least five times. Bummed, I love Fijis classes.
Any suggestions?

September 18, 2017

Hi Joni. Did you already try to change the quality from auto to 360 p? That helped me with some stop and go videos.
Good luck trying :)

July 9, 2017

True to form, Fiji offers a class that releases mind, body, and spirit. I don't know *how* she is able to provide such clear, fluid instructions while doing the poses herself! Thank you for another winning class.

Fiji McAlpine
September 8, 2017

Talking through the poses can sometimes be tricky but like everything else gets easier with practice over time!

June 18, 2017

What a fantastic, articulate and smooth flowing vinyasa flow. Thanks Fiji!

June 2, 2017

That class was just about perfect! I am so glad I subscribed, as it is a new favorite, and I can see myself coming back to it over and over. Thank you Fiji for the gentle reminders to only push as far as our bodies safely allow us to do without sacrificing the pose, that was just what I needed to hear today.