Chair Hatha Yoga

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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You've never realized how useful a chair can be until you've done a hatha chair yoga class with Rachel. She teaches you how to use the chair for support and to get into the muscles that are meant to be stretched and strengthened with each pose. Get ready to go deep!

Equipment: Chair
Style: Hatha Yoga


suehiad8 2 years ago

Rachel Scott explains in such great detail also what is so perfect is being able to see her body position in every angle possible to follow each position as closely as possible. SO GREAT..

doccanuck 5 years ago

Dear Rachel
I greatly appreciate the Chair Hatha Yoga session for beginners. I am not a beginner, have been doing Yoga for years mostly with videos and I have a disabiilty. I have recently developed rheumatoid arthritis and this has made the disability even more challenging. I found your presentation very clear and straightforward to do, despite my limitations. I do agree with a previous review that it would be nice to have a bit more detail about how to improve technique and what is the correct placement of the body (knowing we all have to adjust somewhat and strive for that!). Happy to explain more if helpful. Still very much enjoyed it and will do it again!

ArtYogi 6 years ago

This is a nice intro but I think it is lacking in the usual details and instruction of a true yoga class. If a person really wanted to take this class, I feel it isn't safely explained in the demo of the poses. There was no pre-stretching for hamstrings and thighs either. It's a nice quick class to show what chair yoga is, but I did not think this constituted a "class".

nkengez 6 years ago

Much appreciate the class Rachel. May I suggest slowing the instruction, informing viewers about the role and relationship of the chair to the mat to the body? As a beginner class there is so much to get right to keep from tripping and rearranging the chair. A few instructions pertaining to use of space, space required, chair placement and mat placement at beginning would be useful. Otherwise, smooth flow with the chair and mat is compromised because the tools became impediments. Also instruction on placement of the body would be helpful for avoiding injury. Sorry, I see this is meant probably as a short session... Thank you for this site all involved. I use it regularly and refer others.