Day 7: Calm in the Chaos Livestream with Fiji McAlpine - Nov 7 @9am PST

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This interactive livestream took place on Saturday, Nov 7th and begins with Jeff and Fiji giving an in-depth break down of each day of the program. At around 35 minutes, they begin taking questions from students.

Description: This is Day 7 of Fiji's Calm in the Chaos program and this very special program will culminate in a livestream with Jeff and Fiji featuring a live Q&A.


Kelsey88 2 months ago

Hearing Fiji and Jeff talk through the intention behind the practice and video just brought it all into one. Truely taking yoga off the mat and I couldn't be more grateful. I'd love to see more of this "behind the scenes" with the teachers - how you sequenced things and why. Like any great craft it takes a lot of thought but comes off seamless.
Also - thank you Fiji from the bottom of my heart. Your practice (shared over do yoga with me) has helped me in so many ways over the last few years. Throughout any difficult time, I always know I can find solace on my mat. Thank you.

Fiji McAlpine 1 month ago

Hi Kelsey, Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful review of this program. We were leaning into a new way of doing things and I am happy to hear from someone who has practiced with me for years, that it was well recieved.

fil87 2 months ago

Thank you so much! Fiji, you are impacting people's lives and changing them for the best :)

dickens 2 months ago

Thank you for this wonderful journey. The classes were more of a challenge for my level but I listened to you, smiled... and gave it my best shot.

KGP 2 months ago

Will the livestream be uploaded on to the site?

KGP 2 months ago

Thank you :) I've been wondering for a while if you recommend any good books about yoga and the yoga state of mind Fiji? I loved how you incorporated Erikson's stages of development to your chakra series! Maybe something like that?

Hanasana 2 months ago

Despite my best efforts, I was unable to join the livestream, so I'm watching/listening to it while making breakfast now. I just wanted to say that every episode, to me, has felt like a love letter from Fiji (and Jeff!) to herself, to us, to yoga, to the world. And now, listening to how personal it really was for both of them, I just wanted to let you know, on behalf of all of us, we feel the love, the sincerity, the connection, the heart of it all. Thank you...