Absolute Beginner Series: Warrior I

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Instructor Helen Camisa
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This class explores Warrior I pose, a posture that both strengthens and stretches the legs and back line of the body. This class would be great when paired with Absolute Beginner Series: Finding Your Feet and/or Absolute Beginner Series: Salute the Sun.

Equipment: Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Plus Size Yoga


Encouraged to participate
creek 1 day ago

Helen I hope you never go away, you are such a excellent teacher. Not only do I learn the pose but you teach in a way that I don't have to constantly watch you to know what you are doing but I also don't have to blast the volume because you want to speak "so spiritually". Your method is clear and straight forward, paced to the beginner, and non-judgmental. I love it. More, more, more.

Lovely class, thank you Helen
LiezelG 1 week ago

Lovely class, thank you Helen! I enjoyed the slower pace allowing me time to concentrate on getting my posture correct. Looking forward to working through your other videos.