20 Minutes to Eight Angle Pose

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
Average: 4.8 (59 votes)
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Tracey takes you through an invigorating power yoga flow that prepares you for one of the most challenging and satisfying arm balance poses, 8 angle pose (astavakrasana). If you have never done this pose, her enthusiasm and clear guidance may just get you into it for the first time! 

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Yoga for Strength


Pam Palmer 1 month ago

Tracey always builds my confidence in my practice. She has a gentle way of guiding her students to places they didn’t know they could go. Thank you so much Tracey!

Pgator 2 years ago

was able to balance on my hands but not get my legs out. Happy enough!
A satisfying 20min class, thankyou!

sarahjwou 3 years ago

I really enjoy this short class. With many short classes, I don't feel that my body is warm enough for arm balances, but Tracey uses all 20 minutes here wisely and I am able go into the full expression of astavakrasana easily. Thank you Tracey!

Mhare 3 years ago

I loved the clear instructions. I almost nailed it on my left side. Can't wait to try this practice again.

kdonovan73 3 years ago

Thanks Tracey for your always clear and brilliant instruction. A fantasic 20 minutes (as that is all I get these days). Just what I needed.

Helen Alford 4 years ago

I had so much fun doing this class - I didn't get into the pose but I was happy to be able to do the first bit, just the whole tipping my weight forward bit was a bit unnerving - but I'm determined to keep trying. I laughed out loud both times :-) Thanks Tracey, your classes really are changing my life, I'm not exaggerating there. I'm in recovery from addiction and learning to love myself, which is the focus of many of your classes - it's huge. I'm so grateful for this site.

sweetp2828 4 years ago

She really is the best! She helped me through a dark time after having to leave the father of my son mid-pregnancy. She continues to revitalize me with her practices, especially when I am feeling down and out! I am SO glad she's been able to help you too- we SHOULD love ourselves, especially because we're taking the time to practice and improve our lives rather than giving into depression or addiction! Sending love your way!