Yoga Therapy for the Neck and Feet

Erica Fritch
Hatha Yoga
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This therapeutic sequence starts with a short, comprehensive series of neck exercise, then moves on to our often-neglected feet. Over 25% of our body’s bones are in our feet, and they hold up the whole weight of our body for hours every day.
If you do a lot of walking or running, or have flat feet, this class will help return suppleness and strength, increase range of motion, rebuild arches and improve stability.


Plantar Fasciitis
Shogun 2 years ago

Thank you very much, I'm in pain with plantar fasciitis since 6 months and this practice is such a relief from constant pain!!! Thank you very very much! :)

so glad to hear it! keep at
Erica Fritch 2 years ago

so glad to hear it! keep at it. And thanks for the reminder - I need to get back to working on my feet, too!

Finally! Attention to the dogs!
lennybop 2 years ago

Listen, I'm on my feet for a solid 15 hours a day, this video has literally changed my life and I will be sharing it with everyone I know! For the first time in years my feet weren't sore after work because of this video! Thank you!

Hi Lennybop,
Erica Fritch 2 years ago

Hi Lennybop,
I'm so glad to hear this has helped you and your poor feet! I don't know how you can be on your feet - or even in shoes - for 15 hours a day. I'm out of shoes as much as possible, so can only imagine how your poor feet must feel. I'm happy to pass on these exercises and give you some relief.

Keep up the fancy foot work!

Happy feet
Barbara Bekhuis 2 years ago

Thanks Erica for this great class, my feest are feeling alive with good bloodcirculation.
And the neck felt so good, gonna do this everyday to reduceren my headache and neck strain I suffer laten.

gentileah 3 years ago

I had a very terrible neck injury over a year ago and these exercises have helped me in just the few times I've done them! Do you have any more neck strengthening/stretching exercises?

Hi Gentileah,
Erica Fritch 2 years ago

Hi Gentileah,
you can check my youtube channel for other neck exercises, but if you do these ones every day, you will definitely find the benefits. I have gone for periods where I do it every day for three weeks, and notice such a huge difference from these simple moves.
keep it up, and good luck with it!

Amazingly effective
ejanedelong 3 years ago

I am on my feet 8 hours daily at work and woke up this am with pain in my feet, ankles and knees. Within a few minutes of completing this dvd, all pain vanished and I felt renewed energy throughout my body. Feeling grateful -- thank you so much. I will definitely buy the ball and make this a daily practice.

This is quite lovely
HelloDarling333 3 years ago

I frequently get a sore neck, either from sleeping in a bad position or from stress (or possibly just being on the computer/reading) and the neck exercises are wonderful and my neck feels like it never hurt in the first place! Thanks!