Yoga Therapy for the Neck and Feet

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Instructor Erica Fritch
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This therapeutic sequence starts with a short, comprehensive series of neck exercise, then moves on to our often-neglected feet. Over 25% of our body’s bones are in our feet, and they hold up the whole weight of our body for hours every day.
If you do a lot of walking or running, or have flat feet, this class will help return suppleness and strength, increase range of motion, rebuild arches and improve stability.

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga


glad to hear it!
govinda 4 years ago

Hey Lillylangtree,
Erica here. Yes, it's easy to take our body and our physical abilities for granted until they are suddenly gone! And with how many distractions we have, it takes a lot of work to be present enough to our body to know what needs tending to. I'm glad these exercises help and that you are dedicated enough to give yourself the movement medicine that you need.
Keep up the good work!