Yoga for Seniors: Right-On-Wrists

Michelle Rubin
Instructor Michelle Rubin
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Michelle guides you through a gentle but vigorous chair yoga flow that focuses on the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. It's thorough, gentle and effective, strengthening and stretching the key muscles that keep the upper body strong and healthy.

Equipment: Chair
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors


Samsong97 1 week ago

I am a massage therapist returning to my practice post covid shutdowns. Love this video; wasn’t as easy as I expected, but exactly what I needed.

VGdolly 4 years ago

I am new to yoga, using it to strengthen my core and improve my overall health. I hope to be able to progress beyond the chair, but for now it is effective. MY arms are burning at the end. I find Michelle awesome. I love how she explains everything and provides encouragement. I will continue to seek out her videos. I do not find her patronizing. Thank you.

Tesshiva 4 years ago

Every new yoga practice opens up something new for me; I can get complacent, sticking to the same favorites. This was a wonderful, new practice, reminding me that there's always areas you haven't poked into, and when you do, you feel even better (and newly challenged)! I'm an avid knitter as well, so this becomes a terrific practice to wind up my marathon knitting sessions. Many Thanks!

YogaMJ 5 years ago

I practice regularly three times or more a week so pacing was great for me, not too fast as others have said. I've never done chair yoga so will probably stand next time. I have wrist and finger issues and this really helped me. Thanks!

Mystica 7 years ago

This is a good routine. I am going to try to learn it so I can show it to a few of my older relatives. I reckon this isn't a video to watch and follow, but instead learn and do on your own. Because, like the previous poster wrote, it's very fast. If I would breathe as quickly as the inctructor seems to I would either feel stressed or I would faint (or both).

LuluDoll 8 years ago

Michelle tends to move much too quickly, so one can't breath deeply or focus much on each part enough and many of the movements don't feel like they actually open up the muscles but instead wear them out.