Yoga for Kids 6 to 12: Be Your Own Teacher

Beginner I
In this class focusing on fun and creativity for kids from 6 to 12, Guy and his two young assistants share their 10-step pattern to designing your own yoga class. This is an impromptu class that encourages children to invent their own poses while following a basic general structure and flow. This is also a great class for kids and caregivers to do together. Have fun!


Existing Comments

June 9, 2021

Wonderful class for a 62 years old yogini, practising since 17 years but in need to slowdown, Left me happy and stretched. Thanks to the 3 teachers. Hope to see you soon.

Susan Mahar
March 31, 2020

I loved this. So simple. It is the perfect way to start with my grandchildren. Thankyou

Guy Friswell
March 24, 2020

Here are the ten steps to creating your own yoga class:
1. Set up a safe and cozy place and mark the start of your class with a pleasant sound (e.g., chimes, singing bowl, bell, etc.)
2. Do nothing! Sit and connect with your body and breath.
3. Invent poses on your hands and knees
4. Invent poses while standing with your feet together
5. Invent poses while standing with your feet apart
6. Invent poses while balancing on one leg
7. Invent poses while laying on your belly
8. Invent poses while sitting on your bum
9. Invent poses while laying on your back
10. Rest at the end of your practice and close with the same pleasant sound you used at the start -- and say "thank you"

Oh -- and -- HAVE FUN!

March 23, 2020

Great video! I watched it as an adult and got a lot out of it. 4/5 stars because I think if you did this video again you'd have even more ideas of how to encourage people (all ages!) to be their own teacher. Slow down and wait for the kids to invent their poses, and maybe give a little more framework in the beginning, talking about what the space is about (safety, creativity, calm and quiet, reflection) so they can create a practice that is special and truly theirs. Thank you!!

Guy Friswell
March 24, 2020

Thanks for your feedback -- I concur with your suggestions and they are appreciated. I'll slow things down and give the kids more space in future videos. That said, as a parent you could jot down the ten steps and get your kids to invent their own class without watching the video! I'll include the steps in the comments below.