Yin Yoga for Beginners

Beginner I
If you are new to the practice of yin yoga, here are some practice guidelines and poses to help you get started.


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February 14, 2021

Love this practice! Thank you! Please can you explain to me why there are no alignment cueues? For example, in Sphinx pose should I keep ears away from shoulders or sinking in doesn’t matter? Shoelace pose, vertical thigh or thigh falling and relaxing? Should we exert any muscular tension to hold the polls are completely relax? Thank you

Nyk Danu
March 2, 2021

Great questions!
Yin Yoga is a functional form or Yoga not an aesthetic form of yoga so alignment cues aren’t needed because we aren’t trying to make the pose look a certain way.
In a Yin practice we also acknowledge that everyone is unique and has a unique bone structure so there are no one size fits all alignment cues.

In Yin our intention in Sphinx is gentle compression of the lower back that’s the function of the pose, so what’s happening at the shoulders isn’t relevant unless it is helpful the main intention of the pose ( lower back).

In shoelace for some people the knee will rest down and for some it will stay up.
This again is because we each have different bones. If your knee naturally and comfortably rests down then do that. If it doesn’t it doesn’t matter, the point of shoelace is to feel stretch in the hip, butt, IT band area. So as long as you
are feeling that then what the pose looks like doesn’t matter.

In a Yin practice we want to be as relaxed as we can be while still maintaining the shape, so as little muscular effort as possible.
It’s the relaxed, stillness and time of the poses that are the magic of yin yoga and how it affects our deep fascia.

I hope that helps

February 6, 2021

Thank you it’s a great practice. I have problems coming into butterfly pose as my hips are very tight and I have sciatica, this helped me ease into some poses and find some relief.

April 6, 2020

Great practice, so much happening, and now feeling light, quiet, relaxed and focused. Interesting info, you tell, like that what is happening in between the poses, that that is important too. It's true! I'll be back. Thank you very much!

March 25, 2019

I learned a lot, too. I wonder if there is a version of this class without the instruction? It is so relaxing! Thank you.

Nyk Danu
December 17, 2019

This is a beginner practice so instructions are key. :-) But we have filmed some more intermediate practices which will have less talking and more silence <3

March 24, 2019

I struggle with yoga at home as I get antsy and my brain wanders and I struggle to finish my practice without the company of a physical class. This class was perfect as Nyk addresses this and made me feel comfortable with how to work through those "wiggles." This was very accessible for the newest yogi, but with enough direction to push into it a bit further if that's what your body wants. I know it's a good practice when I think at the end "Oh, yes, my body needed that!" Looking forward to following more videos on here.

March 22, 2019

Nyk! That was an exceptionally nice reminder of how lovely the sound of your teaching voice is. I've missed your classes tremendously. I'm so happy to have a way to beam you into my living room whenever I want. Namaste, my friend. :D

March 20, 2019

I love yin yoga so much! It helps me a lot with my tensions and pains. I love the mindfulness side of it too.
I am always grateful to see a new yin yoga class appear on the site.
Thanks to Nyk for having me revisit the basics of yin. I wish to see her often with more advanced practices.