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Rising Strong: The Revolution

Intermediate I

Inspired by Brené Brown’s Rising Strong process, in this third class in the Vulnerability series, we begin our revolution on our own terms. We cultivate the strength to stand firmly on our own two feet, to make use of props to support us, and to engage our core to revolve from the inside out. Suitable for experienced beginners wanting to deepen their practice, or intermediate yogis wanting to refine their technique.

  • Chair


Existing Comments

June 22, 2022

At first, I thought, “A chair? I don’t need the chair for this practice! I’m strong enough to do this without it.” However, the shift in my perspective was terrific after doing this practice. The chair presents a brand new way of viewing my yoga practice, and I’m so appreciative of that!

June 21, 2022

This was so much fun! Even if you don’t “need” props, I highly encourage you to enjoy using the chair (I was able to make do with a pilates/fitness ball with some creative mods). I didn’t want this class to end.