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PNF Stretch: Quadriceps II

Beginner I
This stretch can be quite intense with adding the PNF technique, so move into it carefully and make sure you are breathing as you hold it. The quadricep muscle is an important hip flexor, so it can be tight for those of you who sit or run a lot.


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David Procyshyn
January 15, 2020

Yes, there are a couple ways to modify. One is to lie on your side, with the bend like on top. You could either hold the top foot with your hand or loop a strap around it, moving yourself into the same stretch.
Or, you could do the stretch the same as in the video, but move your bent knee and foot out enough to get comfortable in the pose. In this one, you need to make sure you aren't twisting your knee, so if there is any knee discomfort, move out of the pose.

January 13, 2020

Hi David - I tried this one today as I will be travelling and did not want to carry blocks. I could not get into that position. Is there a modification for larger size bodies? Thanks.