Open Hips, Neutral Spine

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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In this playful beginners class, Ron helps you discover and maintain your spine’s neutral position while exploring some basic postures including table, downward-facing dog, and a reclining hip-opening sequence.

Equipment: Strap, Bolster
Style: Hatha Yoga


dickens 1 week ago

Thank you Ron, that was amazing. Your voice is calming and you give good direction.

Reineira 2 weeks ago

Thank you so very much, I enjoyed your class and guidance.

brownstefani 3 weeks ago

I can get the picture but no play button! Have tried on a few different days with no luck,
Can you look not this?

lisaheidmann 1 month ago

My first practice with Ron - I loved it! The concept of feeling the skin of your back touching the floor, but your bones curving naturally into neutral spine really helped me feel and solidify this better in my body. I also loved north/ south elbows, will use these visualizations again. Thank you!

Melanie Lichtinger 1 month ago

Great spine / bones awareness class.
Loved the release sounds and the overall relaxed grounding quality.
Thanks Ron!

Elsa Avila 1 month ago

Another Ron's amazing class. He always has something to share., Release tension through sounds, the importance of a neutral spine without compromising our poses. Thanks