6-Minute Office Yoga for the Shoulders

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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David starts right away with this class and takes you through a quick, effective sequence that releases the areas that are often tight when sitting at a desk. He combines joint movement to increase range of motion with key stretches, breathing and relaxation.

Equipment: Chair
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga at Work


Avril borthwick 1 year ago

Calm and measured instructions from David and an effective sequence of stretches. I will be doing this more than once a day! Many thanks for everything that DoYogaWithMe offers.

Dylpickle1128 1 year ago

This was amazing, I pulled a muscle SUPER BAD and my shoulder was hurting like crazy and now it’s back into place this is CRAZY!!!

byootie 1 year ago

This is perfect! I work sitting almost all day 5 days a week and this is a quick pick-me-up that really opens the shoulders. Thanks!

PeacefulRN 2 years ago

Great way to bring some awareness and freedom to my shoulders , trapezoid muscles, and upper back. Thank you!

Dnakagawa 2 years ago

Thank you for these short sessions when working way too many hours at my desk. Been practicing nearly daily with DYWM for several years and am very grateful to all that you provide. Yoga keeps me balanced with work and life in general.

Tina63 2 years ago

I am a yoga returner and trying to be disciplined and practice daily. This was a great yoga practiceand I enjoy very much. it.