Happy Wrists Yoga Class

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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This is a wrist-free yoga practice. Melissa guides you through the perfect yoga class for those unable to do wrist-intensive poses like cat, cow, plank or downward dog...or for anyone looking for something a little different! Enjoy this gentle flow that incorporates half sun salutations, yogic squats, seated twists, and reclined hip-openers! Note that it is suggested you have a bolster for this class or something else you can comfortably sit on.

Equipment: Bolster
Style: Gentle Yoga


salvino28 1 month ago

Great class! What a gift to find such a robust beginners practice that is wrist-free. Loved it.

Joanna Moore 2 months ago

Thanks so much Melissa, for this great class. Each time I have a baby, my wrists get very painful for the first year or so - all that carrying! The physio says it's quite common among new mothers (so perhaps it's worth listing this class under postnatal?, if it isn't already). I, too, would love another wrist-free class and one slightly more challenging for when I get stronger, in case any teachers are keen. Thanks again for a gentle, slow-paced class that still leaves your body, breath and mind feeling like they've had a satisfying yoga session.

do_chat 4 months ago

Please, please, please do another wrist-free class!

priyrasta 7 months ago

zed pose? its a variation of bharadvaj's twist transitioning to a variation of upavista konasan ...

Deirdre 7 months ago

I liked it. Looking for intermediate wrist free class? Also, could you include some gentle wrist, arm stretching and strengthening here?

Melissa Krieger 7 months ago

Hi! I don't have plans to shoot another wrist free class soon but I'll put it out to the team to see if any of the intermediate teachers want to take it on. Great idea!

Josephine5 7 months ago

Nice slow yoga class. Moves slowly from one posture to another. No need to look at Melissa because her instructions are clear.

Bev2009 8 months ago

Thank you for developing a routine that places so little pressure on the wrists. I am new to yoga, but sadly, old to wrist issues. I was beginning to think I might have to limit my yoga sessions due to pain and swelling in the wrists from the various hand-supported poses, but this routine was a gift. I'd love to see a few more routines that de-emphasize the wrists. Thank you again.

Dusty Cobwebs 8 months ago

Thank you so much Melissa. My wrists and I thoroughly enjoyed this class, no waking up from carpal tunnel tonight. :)