Guided Meditations for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

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This series of guided meditations will move you gradually through a process of turning off everything that is creating the way that you feel, then helping you induce deep relaxation, release and inner peace in order to promote profound inner change. This meditation album is a key part of our 3-week program called Yoga for Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Meditation Type: Guided Visualizations


I'm a couple of weeks into
Danny3 1 year ago

I'm a couple of weeks into the chronic stress programme, and I found these meditations really powerful. I can relax in a way I've struggled to for a long time.

On the technical side, when the first two are finished, the following one gets auto-played. This makes it hard to stay in the space at the end as I have to get up to switch off the next meditation. Is this a setting that can be changed? Could they be in separate players to avoid this?

Re: Autoplay
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback. It's much appreciated.

Yes, I realize that it autoplays through. There's no way to prevent that from happening, outside of purchasing the tracks and arranging on your mobile device so that it stops.

I loved the suggestions to
Huronlex 1 year ago

I loved the suggestions to stop looking for answers. That in itself, helped me to let go. I was surprised that my limbs and head began to feel very tingle. Not sure what that means.

bukrey 8 months ago

Did u get help with tingling and numbness? I feel that a lot and hard not to let it be so distracting. Any help?

My heart can't find rest
Purpleme 1 year ago

Thank you for the effort designing a program for reducing stress, anxiety and depression so thoroughly and with so much compassion. I'm on day 9 now and keep feeling a little alienated to the intention of the meditations as my heart is beating faster and faster the more I am being guided into relaxation. Does any of you recognize this experience?

Re: Heart Beating Faster
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

I imagine that it's probably the fact that you are tuning into body sensations in a way you don't normally. Is it possible that your heart is beating at that rate regularly but you're only noticing it more intimately now?

Thank you so much for posting
Purpleme 1 year ago

Thank you so much for posting my comment and for your reply. Yes, I'm now aware, that my heart rate is rather high most of the time without me noticing. Eventhough it oftens beats even faster during meditations - maybe because there is suddenly more room for thought as the rest of my body and the surroundings are quieting down. After having tried "Transform yourself" a couple of times I find that this particularly meditation helps me keeping focus on letting go - and my heart likes that beating a bit slower :-) Thank you.

yoga nidra
Melekeda 1 year ago

very nice, it can be replaced for nidra meditations as well

Nidra meditation
bukrey 8 months ago

What is Nidra meditation?

sophiapol 1 year ago

I tried the first part of the meditation but I had to stop because when I achieved total relaxation I suddenly felt totally dizzy. That kinda scared me. I will try it again tomorrow though