10-Minute Energizer

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (38 votes)
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Fiji's approach in this quick, lively class is to get you moving, energized, challenged and feeling great! The class never stops flowing and you'll find Fiji asking you to do some crazy things with your body, making this a challenging, advanced class. Get ready for a fun, invigorating flow and get ready to be pushed into your yoga limits!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Sheepieyay 2 years ago

I really like this I do it whenever i am feeling down or even if i am just bored nice practice :)

astarzgrace 3 years ago

I loved this class! Such a beautiful way to warm up the entire body. And, led through step by step safely and expertly. I was amazed when I found myself easily flying in a pose that I had thought impossible! Thank you Fiji for this wonderful class!

Marina S 3 years ago

That I can laugh during my practice. I tacked this onto the end of another class, just to try an "advanced" session. Hilariously toppled over on both sides trying to lift my leg off the opposite elbow. At least I am even! :) Great stuff, I am going to keep at this one, it's short and sweet and I can squeeze it in anytime.

JadePeace 3 years ago

I feel alive and energised! This class is just perfect for those days when I crave that intensity but don't have much time. Its a fun one to do again and again and see your improvement with the arm balance. Thank you so much Fiji, with your expert guidance I feel safe to listen to my body and push myself that little bit each time to get those millimetre miracles. Namaste.

Ktrirogoff 3 years ago

Love it! just the right amount of intensity to perk up my 11 hour work shift