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Have done yoga for about 15 years. I go to a weekly "brick and mortar" class but appreciate the flexibility of online classes.



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  • This was good. Don found it a little tough on his knees, a little "squatty," but still good.

  • We like this one. Weird new poses. Kinda hard in spots.

  • Very soothing. Not too challenging, but enough so. Nice sequence

  • We both liked this. Very invigorating, novel and challenging but doable.

  • This is a THOROUGH workout without impossible poses. Excellent!

  • I liked this. It did lead to a specific pose, rather than being a more rounded class and it was hard for Don due to his knee problems.

  • Still a great one! Rigorous, but intermediate poses!

  • We liked this! Don’s knees weren’t taxed and my shoulder was modifiable! Good mid-week check in.

  • GREAT WORKOUT! Good for Don's knees.

  • This is excellent and includes important poses such as half moon and lizard, etc.