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This class helps prevent and heal the problems that are caused by sitting at the computer. We move through shoulder and neck stretches that zero in on key muscles that are affected by chronic computer use. Then, strengthening exercises help realign the body reducing pain and discomfort.


Neck pain- GONE!
rbharat2411 3 months ago

The neck exercises in the beginning have completely taken away my neck pain upon doing this for 2 weeks! Thank you so much.

I get a lot of pain in my
rachyrach 4 months ago

I get a lot of pain in my forearms and haven't so far found a class that really concentrates on that. It's the tendon from the fingers to the elbow joint, gets very sore from typing a lot. Is there any class that focusses on that?

This series is amazing! I
kjm464 1 year ago

This series is amazing! I stumbled across it a while ago when I was having wrist pain and now have it bookmarked. I'm a dental student, so I end up sitting in all kinds of weird positions between practicing and being hunched over studying. This is the only series that I find truly gives me release in my neck and shoulders. Thank you David!!!

A different title may be helpful
Dakota Drummer 2 years ago

I really feel that this class could be re-titled something like " Yoga for office workers" or "Neck and shoulder opening" rather than diagnosis-specific title. So many more people could benefit in addition to those with CTS. People with all sorts of musculoskeletal issues can benefit. Many more people would likely choose to try this class if it were retitled. I know I would.
Great class!

Great for massage therapists
steph.cic 3 years ago

Not just for computer workers! I am a Thai massage therapist and sometimes my hands and arms get sore. I did this after a treatment yesterday and it helped a lot!

Yoga for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
David Procyshyn 3 years ago

It's great to hear the appreciation for this video. It is so good at correcting and healing all of the common issues associated with computer work, or any work that involves using your hands for long periods of time.

Thanks for the great feedback!

Take care,

David Founder

Stretch and strengthen
Stretch01 3 years ago

I have to say how much I love this workout. It has helped me manage pain and stiffness in my neck and back from a pinched nerve and working at a PC all day. The stretches really help you open up the neck and back, and the strengthening helps prevent further tightness and improve posture. It's a favorite routine, thanks David. This one really hits the spot(s).

Looking Forward to This Site ALL Day
lisabpowell 6 years ago

I work in a very stressful job. I am a Mental Health Counselor in a high security residential facility. The work is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually draining. Then, since I live in Los Angeles, have an hour and a half commute home.

So, all day long I just kept soon as I get home I'm throwing on my exercise clothes and trying a new video. Boy, it felt so good to do "Sun Salutation" and "Downward Facing Dog" among other poses. I try to get my residents to practice Yoga breathing and at least some gentle stretching - but they are so resistant. My hope is that I will move in to another job opportunity where my clients will be willing to try some of the simplest exercises and realize the benefits to their mental health as well as all other components.

So, once again, thank you for this web site. It truly makes my day!

All my best,

Pinched Nerve and De-generative Disc Disease
David Procyshyn 6 years ago

This is exactly what we're here for, Lisa. I'm so happy to hear that this has helped you. I wish you the best as you have your pain and discomfort addressed.
Take care,

Pinched Nerve and De-generative Disc Disease
lisabpowell 6 years ago

I am so glad I found this site! I have been diagnosed with the above issues and go for my first cortisone injection next Monday. Needless to say I am not excited. As soon as I got home from work today, I put this video on and immersed myself in the beauty of stretching.
I don't know if my damage is from 40 years of slamming a tennis ball, writing and working on the computer, or carrying most of my tension in my shoulders and neck - but I am in pain 90% of the time.
I don't have time to make it to Yoga classes at the moment. But starting today, I will put on a video and start enjoying the relaxation and workout I get from practicing the art of Yoga.