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Prenatal Yoga: Celebrate

Beginner II

This beginner class is all about celebrating your growing, changing body! Julia gets you moving and stretching in this class, hoping to empower you, encourage you, and help you prepare for labor. Note: You will need two blocks, a bolster and a fun playlist is optional for this class!



Existing Comments

July 4, 2021

Dear Julia, thank you so much for this inspiring and empowering class that left me smiling and full of positive energy. Loved the mix of strengthening and releasing exercises. Looking forward to discovering more of your classes soon! Love from Germany

January 31, 2021

What a wonderful class! Welcome Julia - I am so happy you are a part of Doyogawithme! Perfect timing as I am ending my first trimester. This was such a fun and informative class that helped to facilitate deeper connection. A perfect blend of slow and flow. The incorporating of music was so appreciated and helped foster a greater sense of joy in the practice. Thank you! So looking forward to more classes with Julia!

January 24, 2021

Loved, loved, loved this class! Almost 37 weeks with my second baby and this is the perfect end to a beautifully busy, tiring day filled with caring for my toddler. Really helps me reconnect to the little being inside who will soon be earthside, and amplifies all the joy and excitement that comes with the last leg of pregnancy. Thank you, Julia!