Postnatal Yoga for Core Strength

Sarah Jane Steele
Instructor Sarah Jane Steele
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Help re-establish your post-baby core strength with doula and yoga instructor, Sarah-Jane Steele. This class is short enough to fit into the busy life of a new mom and packed with great exercises to bring back the strength and stability around the belly, hips and pelvic floor.

Equipment: Block
Style: Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga


jranderson01 3 years ago

This was wonderful. I'm struggling to know what exercise to do postpartum and love what I've found here. Would love it if there were more!

katieintheworld 3 years ago

I have just started getting back into yoga because I was trying to be so careful of healing in my core. I would love a series of post-natal videos to recover my strength while still being mindful of lingering relaxin. Thank you so much for this, please do send more!

Mia Namaste 5 years ago

Is this suitable for post-partum moms that have a separation of the ab muscles(diastasis recti)? My gap is not wide, but is a bit deep.

ellumine 4 years ago

I have about a 2-3 finger separation after my second pregnancy (4months post partum) and this workout feels great to me. Hope that helps!

Sarah Jane Steele 2 years ago

Hello! i am sorry it took so long for me to spot this comment. In short, my understanding from my training and from speaking with Physios is that a workout of this nature is safe- but- you want to be aware of any "doming" or "tenting" of your abdomen as you begin the action of each core exercise- namely on your out breaths. Tenting or doming is when you see that your core muscles, tummy, however you want to think of it are clearly "popping" up and out- it's normal for excess adipose tissue to be present postpartum but if you see your ab muscles out pouching then you may be taking it just a little too far. So, feel your abs moving in,up and back as you blow out- do this before you move deeper into the ab work and you would be safe :) hope this helps and your diastasis is feeling a bit more together. As I am sure you know, they're quite normal from pregnancy- In my pregnancies I had/have them....but with slow controlled movements and a trip to a physio if that's available to you videos like these and others are great for helping get your abs back and firing healthfully.

ellumine 5 years ago

Short and sweet! Perfect for the amount of time i had available to me this morning. Can feel the core engagement as I've gone about my morning doings. Workout matches the description! Thanks for postnatal specific workout :)

caboud 5 years ago

would love to have an intermediate and then advanced post natal core video- this one was a great warm up to get back to yoga post baby, but would feel comfortable challenging myself a bit more.
Loved SJ!

would like to see a post natal video that focuses on chest/shoulder openers as you get very tight from holding, nursing and carrying your baby all day.