Feeling Good - Livestream Yoga Class with Melissa Krieger - Aug 15th @9am PST

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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This livestream yoga class took place on Saturday, Aug 15th. Melissa introduces the class at 12 minutes, the class begins at around 13 minutes and ends at 1hr 12 minutes. She spends the final 7 minutes speaking with students on YouTube.

Description: In this 60-minute class, Melissa will help you get your whole body stretched out and feeling good!

Equipment: Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Slow Flow


guenhyvare 1 month ago

What a great class! In particular, I really appreciated the alternate pose suggestions throughout - so helpful!. This class was the perfect start to my day! Thank you Melissa!

Sonimis 1 month ago

I love your class !I made it today, it is my Birthday and was a very nice way to start my day , Thank you so much Melissa.

sivar_sydney 2 months ago

Thank you Melissa! Love your classes. As someone who was once a very dedicated vinyasa flow style yogi, having kids slowed me way down, and I have a hard time getting into some faster paced classes. I love your flows, they challenge me, engage me, and are good for my intermediate oriented mind but more out of practice body.

d55mw 2 months ago

Watching the livestream 2 months later. There's a "just right" quality to the yoga I've enjoyed from Melissa and this is so satisfying. I really like anything for the back, shoulders and hamstrings. Thank you for this!!

Christine T 4 months ago

Thank you for a great class! I am so happy I found this website.

sng4ever 4 months ago

A feel good practice even for an intermediate or advanced yogi. Melissa is smooth and calm.

Bebby 4 months ago

What a lovely, lovely class. A treat for the whole body. My sincere appreciation. Thank your for your willingness to share your yoga.

Cdunlop 4 months ago

Thanks for the fantastic class. So lovely to see you, even if it wasn’t in person.

Cdunlop 4 months ago

Thanks for this fantastic class! So nice to see you, even if it’s not in person.

dukegal1213 4 months ago

I wasn't able to join this class live, so it was so nice to find it here to do! I've had the honor of being able to take a few of Melissa's livestream classes, and she is my favorite yoga teacher on DYWM, so it's so nice to see her livestream a class here. Another great class.