A Calming Breath (Pranayama) Practice

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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David takes you through an example of what a calming pranayama yoga practice could be like, blending rhythmic breathing, alternate nostril breathing and retentions.

This video is part of a breath-training series - the video before it is The Skull Cleanser, Part II and the video after it is A Stimulating Breath Practice.


karalittle 2 months ago

A nice practice to get back into focusing on breath. I thought I would try to minimize the effects of allergy season this spring and get my nasal passages "in shape" for staying open. When I used to have a more regular breath practice I also noticed my cardio ability had greatly increased - time to get that back at the same time as enjoying a calming practice - nice balance in this video.