Madhyam Pranayama - Mid-Chest Breath

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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The mid-chest breath (pranayama) is focused on expanding the rib cage out to the sides, the front and the back. This movement channels air into the middle lobes of the lungs. The exhalation requires a squeezing effort to completely expel all of the air in the lungs.

The video is part of a breath-training series - the video before it is The Abdominal Breath and the video after it is The Upper Chest Breath.


Anandadasan 5 years ago

Hi David

My name is Anand (Anandadasan), age 32, from Chennai, India. I was struggling for a long time with correct breathing technique. I was surfing all over the net to see the correct way of breathing. I saw your video on your website and i really loved watching it. The way you explain the technique politely and with precision is really eye-opener for me on how to breath properly. I clearly understand the abdominal breathing your demonstrated and i am able to practise it with ease. I feel energetic after doing the abdominal breathing. However, for the mid chest breathing, i have a doubt which i want to clarify. Should we have to pull in the abdomen while practising mid chest breathing alone. Also, i would like to know how many breaths should i have to do as a beginner.