Adham Pranayama - Abdominal Breath

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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The abdominal breath moves the diaphragm down and up as you inhale and exhale, pushing the abdominal organs forward, and then back inward. The air is encouraged into the lower lobes of the lungs and the organs in the lower torso are massaged, stimulated and relaxed.

The video in the breath-training sequence is The Mid-Chest Breath.


Eldee 11 months ago

This was an incredible find for me. I've been meditating for about 8 years and breathing consciously more and more, and have always felt there was "more to it". Just this one abdominal breathing exercise really opened a door for me and has set me on a path of really understanding and utilizing my breath more effectively and consciously. Thank you.

petert 4 years ago

I am a newbie to this yoga website and appreciate the fact that with every exercise practiced the breath in and breath out timing is always mentioned.
I have always had problems with breath timing while exercising so i sort of take it as it comes.
What effect does breathing have with blood pressure?.

Nybeginner 5 years ago

I have been aware since a teen, now in my my 50s, I breath improperly, though proper body weight, in ok shape, used to be in great shape until afib made it harder to breath.

Only learned recently afib my problem. I know stress is one piece of what cause it. Have begin to wonder if improper breathing contributes. But when I do breathing exercises such as the one shown here, my body feels uncomfortable, and I get anxious from being too self-conscious about my breathing. The exercise becomes a labor for my body and for my psyche.. You say on the video that practice will make the breathing exercise mor comfortable. Can you give me an idea of how much practice? Of how to approach this so proper breathing becomes engrained and comfortable? I want. To make it through the beginning attempts and truly change how I breathe.

Thank you. I have always felt uncomfortable trying breathing exercises, ever since I was a teen and became aware I wasn't using my diaphragm well in breathing.

David Procyshyn 6 years ago

Hello Nevanthri.

Try breathing to the rhythm of the contact of your feet on the ground. For example, take one in-breath for 3 or 4 steps and one out-breath for the same length of time. Choose a number that forces you to slow the breath down and breathe deeper than you are used to breathing.

As for the dry throat, you may want to make sure you are very well hydrated the day you go for a run.

Let me know how it goes.

Take care,

David Founder

Nevanthri 6 years ago


I am new to this website and I find the videos and information great.

About a month ago I started running again. I began running 20mins and have added 5 mins each week. Now I am at 35mins. The problem I have is with my breathing, it is erratic at times. I think it might be a concentration problem and I am still a little heavy. I feel fine when I take in deep breathes and exhale slowly but after a while my throat is dry and I started taking shallow breaths.

Do you have any tips to help with my breathing during running?

machine 7 years ago

I've never been that great with breathing exercises but the tip of using the lower back is great. Don't think it moves much but imagining it to, helped a lot. Cheers David fantastic site!

David Procyshyn 10 years ago

We just tested this video and it's playing fine. Try refreshing the page and pressing play again.