Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditations

Peter Renner
Instructor Peter Renner
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Join Peter Renner in this 4-track series on cultivating loving kindness for 1) Yourself, 2) Someone You Love, 3) An Acquaintance and 4) Someone You Dislike. These guided meditations are deeply fulfilling and Peter has such a beautifully, soft, gentle touch to his guidance.

Meditation Type: Mindfulness Meditation


Mcgilvery 1 day ago

Thank you so much for these Peter. They have helped me immeasurably as I navigate a very difficult and unexpected situation with my family. These meditations have brought me much peace and allowed me to feel as though I do have a choice in how I come to terms with my emotions at this time. I can choose loving kindness. Many thanks.

David Procyshyn 6 months ago

Hello everyone. Thanks for the feedback. I've fixed the issues in the 2nd meditation so it should play through without any problems now.

Child of Light 5 months ago

Thank you, David! These lovingkindness meditations have been something I look forward to and treasure. Namaste

Child of Light 5 months ago

What a gift to have these recordings. I was so excited to listen to the recording today with no pauses.

mjfrey 6 months ago

I too am having problems with the 2nd meditation cutting out. It happened both on my phone and on my computer.

Child of Light 6 months ago

I love these meditations! I have done the first one many times. On the second recording I noticed that there are parts where the audio cuts out. I purchased these recordings and downloaded them, and had the same problem. Some of the words get cut out. I am wondering if this can be fixed, or if it is just a problem with the original recording.

sandyphysio 1 year ago

I really need this type of meditation to help quiet my mind and being kind to myself and others. Thank you Peter.

oakhazel 1 year ago

Thank you, I am delighted to see this on here. Very peaceful voice.

Roaf 3 years ago

This is such a healing practice - thank you Peter!