Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditations

Peter Renner
Instructor Peter Renner
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Join Peter Renner in this 4-track series on cultivating loving kindness for 1) Yourself, 2) Someone You Love, 3) An Acquaintance and 4) Someone You Dislike. These guided meditations are deeply fulfilling and Peter has such a beautifully, soft, gentle touch to his guidance.

Meditation Type: Mindfulness Meditation


sandyphysio 4 months ago

I really need this type of meditation to help quiet my mind and being kind to myself and others. Thank you Peter.

oakhazel 8 months ago

Thank you, I am delighted to see this on here. Very peaceful voice.

Roaf 2 years ago

This is such a healing practice - thank you Peter!

stlywil44 2 years ago

Thank you for this guided practice. Sometimes it's hard to do this on my own and I listen here and am able to be kind to myself.

jennMann1 3 years ago

I have done the first Metta meditation x3. Really think about being kind to myself. Thank you Peter.

marimar 3 years ago

I'm feeling really inspired by this. Perfect way to start my day. Thank you for meditation.

kimiwin 3 years ago

Great voice. Thank you for this series, I am happier already.

Melekeda 3 years ago

i dont know if has any importance but wiki says that metta is not sanskrit but pali.. just for info ... with love

eda :)

Melekeda 3 years ago

can i do these meditations for ideas or habits but not for people? i can not figure any body to meditate on ..

Julez0616 3 years ago

This really started my morning right it was a stressful end of the week ladt week so i wanted ti start tiday out right . Its all about love and kindness to yourself before pleasing others . Thank you for this