Complete 3-Part Breath

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We put the belly breath, the mid-chest breath and the upper chest breath together to do a complete, deep breath, also known as the 3-part breath. It is essential to practice and expand your ability to breath deeply since it forms the foundation of most yogic breathing techniques.

This video is part of a breath-training series - the video before it is The Upper Chest Breath and the video after it is The Ujjayi Breath.

May 15, 2022

Thanks for the detailed instructions! How does this breath relate to my yoga practice? Should I be doing this breath as a separate exercise entirely, should I do it before/after a class, or should I be breathing like this _during_ the class?

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Fiji McAlpine
June 4, 2022

This is a separate pranayama exercise. This can be done before or after practice to help with meditation and slowing our mind down. During practice we use ujjayi breath, a slow and steady inhale and exhale through the nose that is around 3 -4 seconds on each end