Yoga for Toddlers: Standing Poses

Alyssa Jean Klazek
Instructor Alyssa Jean Klazek
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Alyssa Jean explores standing poses with the kids with play and song. In forward fold (chandrasana) she sings ‘Oh Mister Sun’, in triangle pose (trikonasana) she sings ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and in warrior 2 (virabhadrasana b) and side angle pose (utthita parsvakonasana) she sings ‘I’m A Little Tea Pot’.

Equipment: None
Style: Yoga for Kids


Epplr1996 1 year ago

I did all the short toddler videos with my almost 4-year old niece over the weekend and we loved the songs with the poses. How creative and so appropriate for little kids!

janineillian 2 years ago

This is brilliant, only just discovered these now- but am so keen to do these with my almost 3-year old son. He is in bed now, but loves doing yoga with me just "joining in" in some of the simpler adult classes. Thanks!

munkey906 2 years ago

This is AWESOME, thank you!! (My toddler son just said, "that was super cool!") I love how now my son and I can now practice yoga together, whereas before he has joined me for a couple of minutes then ran off to something else. Incorporating the singing into the poses is so fun and the length of the classes is perfect.

I am a loyal Do Yoga With Me fan and adding classes like these onto the site just makes it better and better!! Thanks!!!

Sylviaperezdelae 2 years ago

This is brilliant! I was wondering how could I started to introduce yoga to my little one- she always joins me in some of my practice but then gets bored and move to the next thing.

She didn’t actually follow the class today but she was singing along and watching carefully - I will try the same class over and over until she gets it- key for toddlers is repetition. So happy you are creating this concept there is not a better time to learn yoga than from little.

Thank you!!!!

wendygarner146 2 years ago

I'm so happy to see some toddler yoga videos on your site. I started yoga when I was heavily pregnant having too give up alot of high impact sport & have been practicing at home with the site by myself for some years after. My daughter also loves yoga but I find I have to switch to cosmic kids yoga to find anything suitable for her. At 2 1/2yrs she's not old enough for some of the longer internet sessions & to young to really do the relaxation but loves to join in. This simple video is great for her and me to follow and is at the right stage as she isn't a baby anymore so the mom & baby yoga video's don't quite fit. I'd love to see some 15-30min sessions on the site. I've donated one off amounts to the site but would want to subscribe if more toddler yoga is put up. I've enjoyed David & Fiji classes for my beginners yoga & sciatica but it's truly great to see toddler yoga ( & real life toddler yoga where they run around, don't follow things & crawl through your legs)! Thanks

David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback! That's really sweet. We're planning to put all of the yoga toddlers video together into one class, which will be approximately 23 minutes long. We'll have it up within the next couple of weeks.
Take care,