The Rhythmic Breath (Savitri Breathing)

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Breathing Exercises
David Procyshyn

Savitri Pranayama is a breathing technique that teaches you to breathe deep and slow. Each successive recording helps you to extend the in and out breath and hold for a longer durations. To learn more about Savitri Pranayama, check out the video in the Breathing section.

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Beginner to intermediate program
maitelasa 6 hours ago


First of all, thank you very much for this great great website. I have just started to use it, and it almost feels as is I'm in a "presential" class! I love how well the teachers explain the practices.

I have question: I'm following DYWM's beginner to intermediate 8 week program, which has these breath exercises as well as meditation. A question I have is whether the program suggests to do all three (yoga exercise, meditation and breathing exercise) 5 days per week, or whether the meditation and breathing is once a week. I guess that the more, the better, but since 2.5h of daily practice seems a substantial amount of time I wanted to know what your recommendation is.

Thank you!


AkAnita 7 months ago

WE elderly on a fixed income really benefit by your meditations, they are wonderful for helping me relax when my arthritis and Fibermyalgia try to take me over completely, i find solance in your teachings, thank you from the bottom of my heart! God Bless you!


I like that it is 20 minutes! In my experience good to do in the afternoon between activities :)

cvanburk 3 years ago

Great exercise before or after yoga to enhance the benefits of your practice.