Savitri Pranayama - The Rhythmic Breath

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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Using the complete, 3-part breath, this is a gentle rhythmic breathing technique that has a repeating cycle of inhalation, exhalation and retentions. It is very good for relaxing the entire nervous system, letting go of the emotions and calming the mind.


Naomi Boxall 1 month ago

Loved the use of a beat. I don't have a drum to hand but I have found a use for my piano, finally... ! I knew I was keeping it for a reason : )

semsemk 7 years ago

I am just getting back into yoga and I used to always struggle with the breathing side of it. I love this as it breaks down the technique just enough for me to understand what I am doing. Thank you great video :)