Monthly Update - October 2020

Monthly Update - October 2020


2020 has been a pretty scary year.... Will spooky October continue the trend? Come what may, let's remember that the anticipation of fear is what induces the most stress. So breathe deep, keep calm and carry on! There is nothing to fear but fear itself. 



Please note that there will be no Monthly Poll for this month.



DoYogaWithMe Logo DYWM App is LIVE!

We're excited to announce that DoYogaWithMe is now available as an app on the following platforms:

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Let Go of Anxiety and Fear

Learn to let go of the grip that anxiety has on your life through 21 days of practice, guidance and reflection in this comprehensive program.

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Calm In The Chaos 7-Day Yoga Program w/ Fiji McAlpineThis 7-Day experience invites you to openly process with intention and purpose on your mat. Each day the practice will dive into a new theme, all of which weave together to create calm in chaos. 

Note: This program will be available November 1st, 2020.

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Calm in the Chaos: Day 7 Livestream


Calm In The Chais Livestream w/ Fiji McAlpine | DoYogaWithMe

Day: Saturday, November 7th, 2020

Time: 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm London, 2am Sydney

Instructor: Fiji McAlpine 

Length: 60 minutes




To Join, simply go to our Website or YouTube Channel at the above time. See you there!

DoYogaWithMe Website  YouTube



If you missed any of the below livestreams, or simply just want to do them again, you can find the full classes under Practice > Classes on our homepage.

Align Your Heart & Mind Livestream w/ Tracey Noseworthy | DoYogaWithMe



Align Your Heart and Mind with Tracey Noseworthy                                             

Saturday, September 19th, 2020                                                               

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Stir It Up Livestream w/ Fiji McAlpine | DoYogaWithMe



Stir It Up with Fiji McAlpine                                             

Monday, August 31st, 2020                                                               

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Meditate and Flow Livestream w/ David Procyshyn | DoYogaWithMe



Meditate and Flow with David Procyshyn                                             

Friday, August 28th, 2020                                                               

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Feeling Good Livestream Yoga Class w/ Melissa Krieger



Feeling Good with Melissa Krieger

Saturday, August 15th, 2020

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Upcoming Content

  • A 'Cultivate Your Inner Teacher' Intermediate 14-Day Yoga Challenge

  • A 'Grounding and Strength' Beginner 14-Day Yoga Challenge

  • A 14-Day Yoga Challenge for Men

  • Calm in the Chaos Yoga Program with Fiji

  • Classes from Nyk, Jonni-Lyn, Fiji, Tianne and Alyssa Jean



250-Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training Program 

Join yogis from around the world in our immersive online classroom and study yoga anatomy, cueing, class sequencing, philosophy and more!

For more information about the Yoga Teacher Training, check out our "All You Need To Know" article or our 60-minute YTT Info Webinar.

All You Need To Know YTT Info Webinar

Rachel Yoga Teacher Training


    New Level 2 Courses:


    The First Course is Free!

    Our Level 1 Orientation introduces you to how our 250-hour YTT works.

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    Past Cohorts ($600 USD each):

    September 7, 2020

    Level 1 Certification - Sept 7/20 Cohort

    Level 2 Certification - Sept 7/20 Cohort




    Please note all retreats have been cancelled due to the COVID-19.



    Yoga for Kids 5 to 10: Bedtime Yoga Routine
    Yoga for Kids | 23 min | Beginner I
    Instructor: Alyssa-Jean Klazek
    Its not always easy to get kids into a restful bedtime routine. This 'Yoga for Bedtime' practice from Alyssa-Jean moves kids from a place of alert excitement to a restful state of calm serenity. Starting with upright postures, Alyssa-Jean slowly makes her way down to a prone position.
    Time Out Yoga for Kids
    Yoga for Kids | 17 min | Beginner I
    Instructor: Alyssa-Jean Klazek
    This yoga class for kids from Alyssa Jean is perfect for those "timeout" occasions when we have big feelings. The class begins with stress relieving movement, to move tense energy out of our bodies before it transitions into deep breathing, relaxing inversions and balancing restorative poses. 


    Yoga for Families: Let Go of Worry and Anxiety
    Yoga for Kids | 23 min | Beginner I
    Instructor: Alyssa-Jean Klazek
    This yoga practice is ideal for families and children ages 9-16. Anxiety can occur when we demand to know the answer to too many questions in too short a time. Join Alyssa Jean and slow down those quick-moving thoughts, find space and come back to the present moment. We start with slow, gentle breathwork, to relieve anxiety and finish things off with restorative poses for a long lasting sense of calm.
    Restorative Yoga | 29 min | Beginner I
                        Instructor: Tianne Allan
    This relaxing and gentle restorative yoga practice with Tianne will open up the chest and relieve tension in your neck and shoulders. The practice deepens by exploring "dirga pranayama," which is also known as 3-part breath.
    Vinyasa Yoga | 50 min | Intermediate I
                        Instructor: Fiji McAlpine
    This full spectrum practice offers both yang and yin modalities. Fiji begins with an energizing flow before letting Satiya take the reigns, who slows the pace and sinks into sweet, lengthy holds. 
    Jivamukti | 33 min | Intermediate III
                        Instructor: Jonni-Lyn Friel
    Jonni-Lyn is in fine form in this energizing and engaging jivamukti-inspired flow class that includes backbends, inversions, hip-openers and more! This total body flow is the sequel to Jonni-Lyn's popular class, Jivamukti: Fast and Fierce.


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