Mindfulness Meditations

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These five guided meditations help you to establish a strong mindfulness practice. Peter's soothing voice and gentle, encouraging style make this 5-track series on mindfulness meditation a pure joy. You will love his light-heartedness as well as his effective and delicate guidance.

December 2, 2016

Thank you Peter, for reminding me of the basics.

I'm meditating for about 2 years now, almost daily, and this reminded me of the basics and why I am doing it.. And in these 20 minutes I noticed that I created a lot of tweaks and small body movements these last years, and a lot of mind mechanisms.. I realised that I really can't sit still at all :)

Again, thanks for this.

October 18, 2016

Is there a "mindlessness" meditation for going beyond the one who perceives the breath, to the one who causes the breath to be seen but does not depend upon breath ~ advaita? ironic saying in intro "nothing seems to last" not sure if you intended for the double meaning but made me laugh. Thank you for posture tips, the reason people make their hands in different positions is for breathing variations and hand mudras which is another world of exploration of the body, though it becomes only irrelevant when one goes beyond the physical from experience.

July 26, 2016

Thanks a lot for Peter's tracks, I practiced meditation before but this time I felt I was somewhere else, did not feel my body. It was amazing
Thanks from Israel