Mindfulness Meditations

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These five guided meditations help you to establish a strong mindfulness practice. Peter's soothing voice and gentle, encouraging style make this 5-track series on mindfulness meditation a pure joy. You will love his light-heartedness as well as his effective and delicate guidance.

Nanette JD
May 6, 2018

Hi, it's not like I'm tired, it's the morning I just woke up, feeling good, but I keep falling asleep. :) I guess if I keep practicing this will stop? I hope so

March 16, 2018

Thank you Peter for these wonderful recordings. Over the last year, they’ve helped my world to become a more loving and calm place to be, with gratitude - Sara

March 1, 2018

Dear Peter - thank you for creating these beautiful yet down to earth guides to mindfulness meditation. I listen to them several times a week and they are an essential part of winding down after a busy day. I have been using various online meditations and podcasts for the past four years now and these are by far some of the best I have found. Your wonderful attitude and years of experience are so clearly present in these recordings. With much gratitude - Megan