Guided Mindfulness Meditations

These guided mindfulness meditations progress through a series of stages, from focus to impermanence, helping you understand how to easily induce a calm, quiet state of meditation and mindfulness. Practicing these guided meditation techniques on a regular basis will help you feel better, more relaxed, with more energy, less anxiety and more focus in your daily life. They are accessible to anyone, regardless of your age and experience.


Existing Comments

February 6, 2019

I am enjoying your guided meditations. Just wanted to let you know that the concluding bell is absent, the meditation just roll right into the next session. A small techno glitch. Keep up the good works. Thank you.

March 7, 2019

Thank you, David, for wonderfully guided meditations. When using these meditations, I feel that I am in an environment of focus and mindfulness, even though I am alone. I find the environment you create with these extremely helpful. Thank you!

August 4, 2019

thanks for making it free much appreciated. I am a beginner and finding my way in to meditation

September 30, 2019

I am new to meditation. I sit down on my cushions in a sunny spot and more each day I feel the need to make this practice part of my daily routine. Fifteen or 16 minutes are ticking by without any struggle, how exciting! I am finding that I am taking your insights with me into my day. Thank you David :)

May 28, 2020

Thank you so much David for this mediation series.

June 9, 2020

I am very stressed at the moment due to big changes in my life. I feel scared and isolated and I find very helpful this first track od meditation . I will cary on on . Thank you .

November 10, 2020

I strain my neck during meditation. I can't relax my neck. It's the same with the lower back. How to relax it?

David Procyshyn
November 12, 2020

Hi Victoria. I find that it helps to relax my back and neck every minute or so while meditating. If that doesn't help and the tension is still there, I lie down so my back and neck can rest. If you do that, you need to be a bit more diligent to not fall asleep! :-)