An Effective Daily Approach to Chronic Anxiety

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We will never be able to let go of anxiety's grip if we can't understand the role we play to keep it there and empower it. It may contradict everything you believe about the anxiety and panic that you feel, but every single thought you have is affecting it. How can we take a look at the way we live our lives on a daily basis, with the intention to understand how we reinforce the anxiety and, in turn, how we can let it go. 

January 29, 2023

"Why would you want to hate yourself?" These feelings are a part of me, they are not everything.

June 13, 2022

Thank you, I was suffering from anxiety for a long time and these videos really helped a lot.

June 8, 2022

I have been doing this the past couple of days, and it has helped my immensely. The perspective shift from anxiety to breath is a beautiful gift. I am beginning to no longer get tied by resisting the anxious feelings that arise, but finding a new relationship that allows me to find grace and peace right where I am. I found the doyogawithme community several years ago during an incredibly difficult time in my life, and it has been a consistent and true outlet for me. So many thanks for your dedication & service <3